4 juin - 7 juin 2013


S06 Astrom├ętrie de haute pr├ęcision et applicationss

Orbit determination methods in view of the PODET project

Florent Deleflie, David Coulot, Romain Decosta, Basile van Cooten, Alain Vienne, Pascal Richard

In view of a preliminary orbit determination, based on different kinds of data (namely range, radec, or both), we compare two methods than could be used for TSA when no a priori information is available to adjust a trajectory of an artificial satellite on tracking data.

The first method is the well-known and classical Lagrange-Gauss one, that we write in the frame an an Earth-centered object ; the second one is based on genetic algorithms. Contrary to usual estimation methods mainly based on least-square approaches, these algorithms do not require any a priori knowledge of the initial state vector to be estimated during the post-fit residual analysis.

We show in this poster preliminary results obtained from an SLR satellite and a geostationary one. We show that the results obtained with the classical method are not that stable, and that the genetic algorithm method could take benefit of the definition of a kind of a so-called "admissible region".