4 juillet - 7 juillet 2017


Chemical and dynamical modelling of Milky Way type galaxies

The first Gaia Data Release (DR1) together with ongoing (e.g. APOGEE-2) and currently available (e.g. APOGEE, Gaia-ESO, RAVE) large spectroscopic surveys provide us with a wealth of data of unprecedented quality - in terms of e.g. distances, proper motions, radial velocities and chemical abundances - with which to compare current theories of the Milky Way's formation and evolution.

This workshop therefore comes at an ideal time to review the progress which has been made in the past few years in modelling Milky Way-type galaxies. Comparing models with the wealth of now available observational data will allow us to place the Milky Way in the broader context of galaxy formation and evolution, to better understand the effects of the dynamical and secular evolutionary phases and how these shape its building blocks. The main topics to be discussed during the meeting are the following:

The meeting aims to bring together a wide community - from both the galactic and extragalactic perspectives - to discuss recent developments on chemical and dynamical galaxy evolution models, how these fit with current observations, and what we may expect in the future.


Francesca Fragkoudi (GEPI), Sergey Khoperskov (GEPI), Georges Kordopatis (OCA), Annie Robin (Observatoire de Besançon)

For all questions please contact francesca.fragkoudi@obspm.fr and sergey.khoperskov@obspm.fr

Invited Speakers