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Message SF2A No 985 - 09/05/22

Message SF2A No 985 - 09/05/22

1. Appel à Projets de recherche de collaboration Argentine-France
2. European Adaptive Optics summer school - 13 to 17th June 2022
3. Cool Stars 21 : splinter session on Machine Learning for Cool Stars (afternoon of 5 July 2022)
4. 5th Cosmology School - Cracovie - Pologne - 16-31 Juillet 2022

1. Appel à Projets de recherche de collaboration Argentine-France

Science / ECO-Sud 2022 :

Il permet également la présentation de projets bipartites ou tripartites impliquant une coopération franco-argentine avec le Chili et / ou l’Uruguay. Tous les grands domaines sont couverts : Sciences de la vie, et de la santé. Sciences de l’Universe. Sciences exactes. Sciences humaines et sociales.

Il encourage les formations au niveau doctoral et post-doctoral, l’émergence de nouvelles collaborations (thématiques et/ou institutionnelles) et la participation de jeunes chercheurs.

Informations :
https://www.ecos-sud.mincyt.gob.ar/convocatoria-a-proyectos-ecos-sud-argentina-2022/ ?lang=fr

Transmis par Norma Sanchez

2. European Adaptive Optics summer school - 13 to 17th June 2022

We are pleased to announce that registration is open for the 2022 European Adaptive Optics Summer School, which will be held virtually and aligned to European time zones. Topics will cover the basics of adaptive optics across applications in vision science, ophthalmology, astronomy, microscopy, free space optics and beyond. The programme includes live lectures and demonstrations, lab tours, and a live demo from the Very Large Telescope in Chile. The course will be delivered via Zoom by experts from across the different application areas of AO

For more details visit : https://aoschooleurope.sciencesconf.org/

To register visit : https://forms.ncl.ac.uk/view.php ?id=14224890

Transmis par Benoit Neichel

3. Cool Stars 21 : splinter session on Machine Learning for Cool Stars (afternoon of 5 July 2022)

A splinter session on Machine Learning for Cool Stars is organized during the Cool Star 21 workshop held in Toulouse :


Solar and stellar physics are entering an era of data-driven discovery, mainly due to modern data mining and machine learning (ML) techniques enabling new powerful ways to extract information out of observational material. During the last decades, large ground-based sky surveys and all-sky space missions have harvested hundreds of terabytes of data corresponding to hundreds of millions of astronomical sources. In the Gaia era, we expect that the data volume will move towards the petabyte domain, requiring the handling of billions of sources. Solar physics and astrophysics have indeed emerged from a data-poor science to an intensive data-driven discipline.

ML codes, however, are not a magic solution, and several examples of mis-interpretation of ML results in stellar spectroscopy have recently emerged. Indeed, ML codes contain black-boxes and their results have to be thoroughly discussed and validated by comparison with physics-based model findings, before being applied to huge data sets. The time is ripe for an insightful discussion on the constitution of adequate training sets, the interplay and merging of data- and model-driven approaches, the careful use of ML techniques and the validation of their results, thereby addressing both the perspectives and limitations of ML in the field of cool star spectroscopy.

The deadline for abstract submission is the 11th of May 2022.

Transmis par Thibault Merle

4. 5th Cosmology School - Cracovie - Pologne - 16-31 Juillet 2022

Discover with us the secrets of the deepest cosmos ! The conference "Cosmological School" has become a permanent feature in the schedule of Polish and international scientific events. This year, its next, fifth edition returns after a long break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. "School" will have a stationary character and will be held from 16 to 31 July 2022 at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Registration is open and will last until 31 May 2022.

We invite all persons involved or interested in cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics in the broadest sense. In addition, during the conference there will be two popular science open lectures - one in Polish and one in English, to which we cordially invite everyone, including students and science enthusiasts.

More information :


Registration for the conference :


Follow the event on Facebook :


The conference is organised by the Jagiellonian University Astronomical Observatory in collaboration with the National Centre for Nuclear Research, the Polish Astronomical Society, the Centre for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce and the Cracow Wieliczka Salt Mine Museum.

Transmis par David Valls-Gabaud


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