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Proceedings SF2A 2017 : author instructions

The proceedings of the SF2A meeting give an annual overview of the current state of French astronomy.

These proceedings will be published in an electronic format in English and made available on this website. They will be referenced in ADS.

Instructions for the authors

The number of pages (A4) is free, but we recommend the following limits :
- reviews : 6 pages ;
- other oral contributions and posters : 4 pages.

The macro-style sf2a-conf2017.cls and a template sf2a-template.tex are provided in this tar.gz package (0.8 Mo).

The editing rules are similar to those of the A & A Journal. Please strictly follow these rules.

We encourage you to use the package natbib together with BibTex.

Use only PDF (. pdf) figures.

For the compilation, please use PDFLatex.

Name your TEX file as follows : lastname.tex ; your figures : lastname_fig1.pdf ; your bibtex file lastname.bib (use only lowercase). If you have several contributions, name them as follows : lastname1.tex, lastname2.tex ... etc, and similarly for figures and bibtex files : lastname1_fig1.pdf, lastname2_fig1.pdf...

Provide a PDF version of your report so that we can compare it with the one we get with your TEX file.

When your article is complete and all files have the proper nomenclature, prepare a single tar.gz file and send it by e-mail, no later than October 20, 2017 to the editors with the subject "SF2A 2017 Proceedings" and the number of the scientific session to which it is attached (see the program on the web site of the meeting for this number).

Thank you !

The editors of the Proceedings SF2A 2017, C. Reylé, P. Di Matteo, F. Herpin, E. Lagadec, A. Lançon, F. Royer.

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