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Studying Distant Galaxies

A Handbook of Methods and Analyses, by Hammer, Puech, Flores, Rodrigues

Sur le site de l’éditeur : http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/q0016

Public visés : master & PhD students in astronomy, professional astrophysicists

Description :

Distant galaxies encapsulate the various stages of galaxy evolution and formation from over 95% of the development of the universe. As early as twenty-five years ago, little was known about them, however since the first systematic survey was completed in the 1990s, increasing amounts of resources have been devoted to their discovery and research. This book summarises for the first time the numerous techniques used for observing, analysing, and understanding the evolution and formation of these distant galaxies. In this rapidly expanding research field, this text is an every-day companion handbook for graduate students and active researchers. It provides guidelines in sample selection, imaging, integrated spectroscopy and 3D spectroscopy, which help to avoid the numerous pitfalls of observational and analysis techniques in use in extragalactic astronomy. It also paves the way for establishing relations between fundamental properties of distant galaxies. At each step, the reader is assisted with numerous practical examples and ready- to-use methodology to help understand and analyse research.

Les auteurs :
F. Hammer, M. puech, H. flores et M. rodrigues. Retrouvez leur fiche sur annuaire.sf2a.eu.

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