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Message SF2A No 739 - 20/03/17

Message SF2A No 739 - 20/03/17

1. KIDA2017 AstroChemical Conference : Registration open
2. Geoscience for understanding habitability in the solar system and beyond, Azores , 25-29 September 2017
3. Disparition de Michel Combes

1. KIDA2017 AstroChemical Conference : Registration open

Website : http://kida2017.sciencesconf.org

Registration for the KIDA2017 AstroChemical conference is now open, the registration fee will be 60 euros :
- The deadline for submitting abstracts is July 10th
- The deadline for payment is August 31st

Astrochemistry is a highly pluri-disciplinary field gathering scientists from astrophysics, physics and chemistry. In this context, the KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA) was created in 2009 to assemble the gas-phase chemical reactions and associated parameters used in the context of astrochemical numerical simulations. In 2016, the KIDA database was extended to include reactions at the surface of the grains. To promote the field of astrochemistry and advertise the efforts made to improve the kinetic data for the interstellar medium, we organize conferences bringing together the different fields of research.

The KIDA2017 AstroChemical Conference will take place in Bordeaux, France from September 26th to 29th, 2017.

Four research topics will be addressed :
- Gas phase processes
- Heterogeneous chemistry and the interactions of the gas phase with grain surfaces.
- Astrochemical observations
- Astrochemical modeling

A new format of introductory 1h talks is proposed, one for each science topics, to present an overview of the methods used by these different scientific communities. A number of long talks will be reserved to invited contributions. Short talks ( 15min) can be proposed along with posters.

Transmis par Pierre Gratier

2. Geoscience for understanding habitability in the solar system and beyond, Azores , 25-29 September 2017

Website and registration : http://www.egu-galileo.eu/gc2-habitability/home.html,

The conference is limited to 120 attendees, so early registration is advisable : https://register-as.oma.be/GeoPlanet/. There is no registration fee charged for participation in the conference. However, participants that are neither invited speakers nor recipients of bursaries nor members of the Core Group of COST Action TD1308 have to find their own funding for their accommodation, travels, and meals.

Also, participants have to book the accommodation on their own. Please consult the "Where to stay ?" webpage for further details : http://www.egu-galileo.eu/gc2-habitability/practical_information/where_to_stay.html.

Contact : Muriel Gargaud, muriel.gargaud@u-bordeaux.fr

Transmis par Grégoire Danger

3. Disparition de Michel Combes

Michel Combes, ancien directeur du DESPA, puis président de l’Observatoire de Paris de 1991 à 1999 s’est éteint le 9 mars à Paris, à l’âge de 77 ans. Un hommage lui est rendu dans la page ci-dessous : http://lesia.obspm.fr/Hommage-a-Michel-Combes-1939-2017.html

Transmis par Pierre Drossart


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