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Message SF2A No 432 - 04/08/2010

1. Call for interest in participating in the ’IMAKA Phase A

1. Call for interest in participating in the ’IMAKA Phase A

’IMAKA is a next-generation high-resolution wide-field optical imager using ground layer adaptive optics and aimed at providing 0.3" images (R-band) on a 1 degree field of view. `IMAKA is one of the projects being considered as one of the future instruments on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope.

Following the submission of the ’IMAKA Feasibility Report and the encouragement given by the CFHT Scientific Advisory Council, CFHT will submit to SAC a Phase A proposal prepared with the ’IMAKA team and to be presented at the 2010 Users’ Meeting (Nov 16-18, Taipei).

In order to identify potential contributors to the development of the ’IMAKA Phase A, which could received a green light from the CFHT Board at the end of 2010, CFHT is issuing a call for interest in participating in this Phase A.

An `IMAKA Phase A Planning Preparation Document has been prepared to help you evaluate your potential participation and is available on the IMAKA web page.

If you or your institute/laboratory/department are interested in participating in the `IMAKA Phase A planning preparation, please express your interest by sending an email to "director ’at’ cfht.hawaii.edu". The deadline for the expression of your interest is September 3rd, 2010.

A senior member of each interested group will be invited to participate in a face to face meeting to be held in Toronto around September 22-24 (exact dates to be determined at a later time). The meeting will allow the participants to outline their potential involvement and discuss it with the ’IMAKA team.

Transmis par C. Veillet


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