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Message SF2A No 946 - 02/08/21

Message SF2A No 946 - 02/08/21

1. IFISIM workshop : The ionization fraction of the interstellar medium

1. IFISIM workshop : The ionization fraction of the interstellar medium

Dear colleagues, As announced last April, we will organize, in the frame of the National French Programme PCMI (Physico-Chimie des Milieux Interstellaires) the workshop ’The ionization fraction of the interstellar medium’ (IFISM) at Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes (LOMC-UMR6294), Université Le Havre Normandie. The meeting will take place on Thursday November 18 and Friday November 19.

In this workshop, we aim at gathering observers, modelers and chemical-physicists and discuss how recent advances in observational capabilities, model development, and experimental and theoretical studies of the key microphysical processes can shed a new light on our knowledge of the ionization fraction in the interstellar medium.

The workshop will include 4 invited review talks (30-45 min), and most of the time will be dedicated to short contributed talks (10-15min) for which abstract submissions will open in September. The meeting will be limited to 40 participants. The accommodation and meals will be supported by PCMI and the local sponsors.

The workshop will be divided into four sessions :

Session 1 : Observational studies of the ionization fraction
Review talk by : Cecilia Ceccarelli (OIPAG, Grenoble)

Session 2 : Experimental studies of relevant processes
Review talk by : Andreas Wolf (MPIK, Heidelberg)

Session 3 : Theoretical computations of relevant processes
Review talk by : Alexandre Faure (IPAG, Grenoble)

Session 4 : The ionization fraction in astrochemical models
Review talk by : Evelyne Roueff (LERMA, Observatoire de Paris)

The website, with more detail, registration and abstract submission, will open early September.
We look forward to seeing you in Le Havre,

Dahbia Talbi, LUPM-UMR5299, Montpellier (dahbia@umontpellier.fr),
Emeric Bron, LERMA-UMR8112, Meudon (emeric.bron@obspm.fr), and
Ioan Schneider LOMC-UMR6294, Le Havre (ioan.schneider@univ-lehavre.fr).

Transmis par Emeric Bron


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