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Message SF2A numéro 573 - 02/09/2013

Message SF2A No 573 - 02/09/13

1. Appel d’offre SF2A - réunions IAU en 2015
2. Prolongation du délai pour les candidatures à la direction du du laboratoire SYstèmes de Référence Temps et Espace (SYRTE)
3. 48th ESLAB Symposium : New insights into volcanism across the Solar System - 16-20 Juin 2014
4. Annonce de la division H de l’IAU

1. Appel d’offre SF2A - réunions IAU en 2015

La SF2A lance l’appel d’offre pour soutenir l’organisation de réunions IAU en 2015 (symposia et focus meeting).

L’appel d’offre s’adresse aux organisateurs qui prévoient de déposer leurs dossiers à l’IAU début décembre pour :

- l’organisation de symposium en France en 2015, à condition qu’il s’accompagne d’un évènement grand-public sur le thème du symposium

- l’organisation de symposium/focus meeting lors de l’Assemblée Générale.

Les demandes de subvention doivent parvenir au secrétariat de la SF2A avant le 25 novembre 2013. Elles doivent donner une description de la manifestation et un budget détaillé.

Le conseil de la SF2A

2. Prolongation du délai pour les candidatures à la direction du du laboratoire SYstèmes de Référence Temps et Espace (SYRTE)

Le délai pour le dépôt des candidatures à la direction du SYRTE a été prolongé jusqu’au 1er octobre 2013. Les personnes intéressées sont priées de déposer leur dossier de candidature auprès du président du comité de recherche, François Mignard.

Voir l’annonce complète à cette adresse.

Transmis par Claude Catala

3. 48th ESLAB Symposium : New insights into volcanism across the Solar System - 16-20 Juin 2014

We are pleased to invite you to the 48th ESLAB Symposium on “New insights into volcanism across the Solar System”. The Symposium will take place from 16 – 20 June 2014 at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

It will focus on volcanism in the Solar System. Of particular interest, but not limited to, will be new insights obtained over the last years from international space missions to planets (e.g., MESSENGER, LRO, Selene, etc.), Moons and cryo-volcanism. The connection with Earth by will be covered by experts on terrestrial volcanism.

The format will be made up of plenary sessions on topics related to volcanism in the Solar System, with contributed oral and poster presentations. Part of the Symposium may be devoted to parallel sessions on specialized topics where details can be discussed at greater length. This will depend on the response to the Call for Papers.

The second announcement with the call for abstracts and other detailed information is available on the meeting website.

Pre-registration is already available on this website which will ensure that you receive regular updates from the Symposium organisers.

Financial support may be available for students.

Transmis par Sébastien Besse, pour le LOC

4. Annonce de la division H de l’IAU

Dear Division H members,

With the summer vacations coming to an end, it is time for an update on some IAU matters. In your e-mail box, you should have found the IAU e-Newsletter 2013 no. 3. This mail is to draw your attention to a few items.

1. Honolulu GA 2015 meetings : Letters of intent for IAU Symposia and Focus Meetings (the latter replacing Special Sessions and Joint Discussions) are due in two weeks, SEPTEMBER 15 2013. See this address for details. Full proposals are due December 15 2013.

We are counting on strong proposals from our Division and encourage members to come up with suggestions. There is still time to get organized on a topic, since Letters of Intent can be very short. Feel free to contact me or anyone else from the Division Steering Committee (DSC) for advice. See here for the list of names. In due time, you will have to get formal endorsement from the Division.

2. Honolulu GA 2015 Division meeting : in addition to the IAU Symposia and Focus Meetings, there will be a Division H scientific meeting at the GA of 2-3 days duration. The aim is to provide a broad overview of the state of our field, which covers a huge range of topics. Similar meetings will be held for the other Divisions. The scientific content will be organized by the DSC in 2014, once the selection and content of the symposia and focus meetings is known. In any case, there should be good scientific reasons for our field to attend GA 2015 in summer 2015 !

IAU Information Bulletin 112 (IB112) can be downloaded from here. It contains a summary of the discussions that the new Division presidents had at the IAU Executive meeting in Nara in May 2013. We welcome any comments on this summary.

In other news : Bruce Elmegreen has been nominated as the DSC secretary. One of our first actions is to develop the Division web page. If you have any links to newsletters related to our field, please let Bruce and myself know. An excellent example of what we are looking for is the Star Formation Newsletter edited by Bo Reipurth.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other comments or questions.

With best regards,

Ewine van Dishoeck, Div H president
Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Div H vice president
on behalf on the entire DSC


Pour toutes informations complémentaires, comme pour faire passer vos messages, envoyez un mail à Fabrice Martins (NOUVELLE ADRESSE : secretariat@sf2a.eu). Les messages (*courts*, maximum 20 lignes) doivent parvenir impérativement sous forme de texte ASCII simple (les caractères speciaux doivent etre supprimés ; les accents sont autorisés). MERCI !


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