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Message SF2A numéro 578 - 14/10/2013

Message SF2A No 578 - 14/10/13

1. Workshop "Gaia and the Unseen : the brown dwarf question" - 24-26 Mars 2014, Torino
2. AO master 2 "Astronomie, Astrophysique et Ingénierie Spatiale"
3. ASTRONET open forum
4. Disparition de George Herbig

1. GREAT-ESF workshop "Gaia and the Unseen : the brown dwarf question" - 24-26 Mars 2014, Torino

The ESA Gaia mission will revolutionise Astronomy. It will impact almost all areas of study from minor planets, stars, and galaxies out to the distant QSO’s. The majority of brown dwarfs will be too faint for Gaia ; however a subset of the closest, youngest, and most massive will be detectable along with a new population of companions detected via their gravitational effect on brighter primaries. When this conference takes place the Gaia mission will have started and we will have feedback on the efficiency and an update of its capabilities. The meeting will concentrate on identifying what Gaia can do for brown dwarf science, what needs to be done outside of the mission, and a discussion of original ideas with a mixing of the brown dwarf and Gaia communities.

The mornings will be dedicated to smaller parallel interactive sessions to foster an exchange of experience and a discussion of new ideas.

The afternoons will be standard conference presentations allocating time to submitted talks. Accepted talks will be biased to new and original proposals for the use of Gaia observations in studying brown dwarfs.

Registration will be opened in early October. Updated information can be found at the meeting homepage

Transmis par Céline Reylé

2. AO master 2 "Astronomie, Astrophysique et Ingénierie Spatiale"

La formation de master 2, spécialité "Astronomie, Astrophysique et Ingénierie Spatiale" commune aux cinq établissements suivants - Observatoire de Paris, Paris 6, Paris 7, Paris 11, et l’ENS Ulm - vous invite à proposer aux étudiants de la promotion 2013-2014 des sujets de stages. Ceux-ci se dérouleront de mi-mars à fin juin (soutenance la dernière semaine de juin).

Vous trouverez toute l’information sur le site du master.

Date limite : 20 octobre 2013 au soir

Cet appel s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’appel national à sujet de stages de M2 lancé par la SF2A dans son message du 30 septembre dernier.

Les responsables des Parcours Astrophysique et Dynamique des Systèmes Gravitationnels
M.C. Angonin, S. Corbel, F. Daigne, D. Pelat, C. Sauty, L. Verstraete

3. ASTRONET open forum

In order to continue the discussion of the ASTRONET Town meeting in July 2013 (EWASS, Turku), please find here the link to the ASTRONET open forum for the Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap updates.

Transmis par Peter Kropmanns

4. Disparition de George Herbig

George Herbig passed away peacefully on Oct.12, 2013, at his home in Hawaii after a long illness.

George was the closest there ever was to being the "father" of the field of star formation. It is remarkable that a single person could have such a profound and far-reaching impact on a field, with his work on T Tauri stars, Herbig-Haro objects, Herbig Ae/Be stars, FUors and EXors, young clusters, and lithium evolution, to just mention his most obvious achievements among an enormous production.

George completed his doctoral thesis 65 years ago on a study of variable stars near the Orion Nebula, and he continued to work with undiminished enthusiasm until less than a year ago. He was 93.

Transmis par Bo Reipurth (IoA Hilo, Hawaii), et par Thierry Montmerle (IAP)


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