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Message SF2A No 391 - 17/08/09

Message SF2A No 391 - 17/08/09

RAPPEL : The ASTRONET/OPTICON European Telescope Strategy Review Committee

An invitation to the community to help shape the future use of Europe’s 2-4m telescopes.

The Web Forum will remain open until August 31 2009

The ASTRONET Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap concluded that there is an urgent need to define a strategy for 2-4m telescopes at the European Level. Accordingly a panel has been set up to identify how Europe’s medium sized telescopes can best contribute to the delivery of the Science Vision and to propose how a suite of existing telescopes can do so cost effectively. This panel, the European Telescopes Strategic Review Committee (ETSRC) is co-chaired by Janet Drew (University of Hertfordshire, UK) and Jacqueline Bergeron (IAP, Paris). ETSRC will deliver a report at around the end of 2009.

Vital community input continues to be sought via a web based tool created for the purpose. The main consultation period began in early June and continues until the end of August. The panel sees it as crucial to identifying a viable way forward that it receives input from right across Europe and from an equally broad spectrum of scientific interests in the mid-sized telescopes.

We would be extremely grateful if you would provide your input via our web form at this URL which outlines the panel’s task, identifies the telescopes under consideration, presents some early ideas, and sketches the kind of input the panel is looking for at this stage.

Note that the same site will provide an opportunity to comment again on a draft of the Pael’s report, so save the URL in your Bookmarks !

To leave comments/input, you will need to register if you haven’t already registered for this forum, or its predecessor that informed the community of the development of the Astronet Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap. This is a very simple procedure and just allows your identity to be linked with any input that you might wish to provide to this open consultation.

Janet Drew and Jacqueline Bergeron (Chair and Co-Chair, on behalf of the ETSRC panel)

Transmis par Jean-Marie Hameury


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