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Message SF2A No 332 - 25/02/08

Message SF2A No 332 - 25/02/08

1. Sondage pour le Comité des utilisateurs de l’ESO - DL : 10 mars 2008
2. XXIVe IAP Colloquium - Paris, July 7-11 2008
3. Prix Le Monde de la recherche universitaire
4. Summer School on Parallel Computing in Astrophysics
5. 24th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics
6. Call for proposals for the WSRT, ING and JCMT facilities - DL : March 18
7. Announcement from CFHT

1. Sondage pour le Comité des utilisateurs de l’ESO - DL : 10 mars 2008

La prochaine réunion du comité des utilisateurs de l’ESO aura lieu les 14 et 15 Avril 2008. J’y ai été nommée cette année pour succéder à Pascale Jablonka comme représentante française.
Afin de preparer cette réunion et de permettre une interface efficace entre l’ESO et les utilisateurs francais, un questionnaire (homogène pour les differents pays membres) a été mis au point :

Date limite : le 10 Mars 2008

En vous remerciant a l’avance de prendre quelques minutes pour y repondre,

Vanessa Hill,
Representante francaise au comité

Transmis par Vanessa Hill

2. XXIVe IAP Colloquium - Paris, July 7-11 2008

Far Away : Light in the young universe at redshift beyond 3

Deadline for poster and talk registration : March 30
Deadline for registration : April 15

Topics include :

- Scenarii for reionization
- First stars and high-z quasars
- Galaxies at z>5
- The star formation history in the early universe
- GRBs as tracers of the remote universe
- Feedback and environment

Information and registration form can be found at :

Transmis par Patrick Petitjean

3. Prix Le Monde de la recherche universitaire

Le Monde de l’éducation organise le Prix Le Monde de la recherche universitaire qui vise à promouvoir les travaux de jeunes docteurs, avec le concours de la Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer, de la Fondation Evens et des Presses Universitaires de France, ainsi que le soutien du ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche.
Les candidatures peuvent être déposées jusqu’au 6 mars 2008.


4. Summer School on Parallel Computing in Astrophysics

Presented by
- Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)
- and the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Univ. of Toronto (DAA)

The Summer School on Parallel Computing in Astrophysics is a week-long workshop to be held on the University of Toronto campus July 21-25, 2008.

The purpose of the meeting is to train young researchers in astronomy and astrophysics on how to use parallel computing tools in their research. The curriculum has been developed to ensure that graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who already have some background in scientific computation will leave being able to immediately begin using these resources.

Key topics include :
- Introduction to MPI
- Introduction to OpenMP
- Outstanding Problems in Computational Astrophysics
- Data Visualization

In addition to lectures and immediate feedback on practical assignments, the workshop will feature a number of invited science talks covering various astrophysical applications of parallel computing.

More information available at : http://pca.cita.utoronto.ca

Transmis par Brice Menard

5. 24th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

The University of British Columbia is pleased to announce the 24th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics which will take place from December 7-14, 2008 in downtown Vancouver, Canada. Following the tradition of past Texas Symposia the talks will emphasize recent developments in Cosmology, High Energy Astrophysics and the frontiers between these and Gravitation and Particle Physics.

Please visit http://www.texasinvancouver.org/ for further information about the meeting. There you will find information about important deadlines, registration, abstract submission, Vancouver attractions, and other local information. The conference will take place at the spectacular Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre and we have secured accommodations at special prices unusually low for downtown Vancouver.

Please note that the abstract and early registration deadlines are October 1st, 2008. Should you have any questions, please write the conference coordinators at texas2008@phas.ubc.ca

Ludovic Van Waerbeke, for the Local and Scientific Organizing Committees

6. Call for proposals for the WSRT, ING and JCMT facilities - DL : March 18

The Dutch NWO/ASTRON Program Committee (PC) at this time solicits observing proposals for the fall semester of 2008 for the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT), the Isaac Newton Group (ING) optical telescopes on La Palma, and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) on Mauna Kea. More detailed information on these facilities, including links to relevant websites, and general remarks on strictly enforced page limits and font size can be found below. The proposal deadline for this call is
Tuesday March 18 at 12:00 UT (13:00 CET)

Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope

Astronomers from all countries can apply for observing time on the WSRT. All WSRT proposals will be judged on their scientific merit and technical feasibility only. General information on the capabilities of the WSRT with its 14x25m dishes and powerful receiver and correlator systems is provided at http://www.astron.nl/p/observing.htm

Proposers should take note of EU encouragement to form teams with a European dimension, as it provides valuable financial support. When both the PI and at least 50% of the proposers have an affiliation outside The Netherlands, yet in an EU or affiliated country, their approved WSRT proposals are eligible for TransNational Access support. See http://www.radionet-eu.org/tna

Isaac Newton Group of telescopes

On the ING facilities, the 2.5m INT and 4.2m WHT telescopes on La Palma, the Dutch PC can only allocate the Dutch time. International proposals can be submitted through the Dutch PC, but they will be judged by a different committee. Please note that only a limited amount of bright time is available for the INT, as most of the time has been allocated to an ongoing long-term program. Information on the ING telescopes is provided at http://www.ing.iac.es

Access to the ING telescopes under the auspices of the EC-funded Research Infrastructure Programme OPTICON is available to eligible astronomers from EU Member States and Associated States, and EC funding may be available to cover their travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Prospective applicants are urged to read the local OPTICON web pages for a description of the criteria of eligibility, lists of EU Member and Associated States, and detailed information on other aspects of the programme.

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

On the JCMT, the NL-PC can only allocate the Dutch time. International proposals should be submitted through the international TAC (accessible through the NorthStar website). Please notice that the international JCMT TAC will reject proposals with Co-I’s from countries participating in the JCMT. Such proposals should be submitted through the national allocation committees. Similarly, proposals without NL Co-I’s or PIs will not be accepted by the NL PC. We especially encourage ambitious proposals for the worst weather conditions, grades 4 and 5, which are generally undersubscribed. Further details regarding the submission of proposals, supported observing modes, and available instrumention can be found at http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/JCMT/observing/calls

Transmis par Marc Verheijen, Chair, ASTRON/NWO-GBE Program Committee

7. Announcement from CFHT

The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope is pleased to announce that the CFHT Board of Directors has reappointed Dr. Christian Veillet to the position of Executive Director of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope for an additional 3-year term, effective 1 May 2009.

The Board has approved this in recognition of Dr. Veillet’s outstanding dedication to the Observatory, its staff, and the services rendered to the astronomical community. The Board looks forward to working with Dr. Veillet in leading CFHT to its future role within our communities.

Transmis par Mercedes M. Stevens


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