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The IAU needs you

Please find below an important message from the IAU.
In case you have not received it directly from the IAU, please visit : http://www.iau.org/science/news/169/

As you may be aware, a new IAU Divisional structure has been adopted, as a result of the massively positive vote of a Resolution submitted by the Executive Committee to the last General Assembly, held in Beijing last summer. Today, we are asking you to join one or more of the new Divisions, using the registration form accessible via the IAU website.

The reasons for elaborating a new IAU Division structure have been described in some detail in the Information Bulletin 109, published on February this year, and will not be repeated here. IB109 is available for download.

One key feature of the reform is to give more responsibility to Divisions with respect to Commissions and Working Groups. Nearly twenty years ago, the Divisions were introduced just as simple administrative "umbrellas" for Commissions, so their members were the sum of the members of the Commissions they included. In the new structure, the Divisions will provide scientific guidance via elected "Division Steering Committees" (replacing the old "Organizing Committees"). They are to foster and coordinate the evolution and/or creation of Commissions and Working Groups, as astronomy progresses and makes new discoveries in the future, for the benefit of the whole community, and also of society.

IAU members will henceforth be members of one or more Divisions. The new Division Presidents and Vice-Presidents, appointed by the Executive Committee, together with the General Secretary, have held many discussions to the effect of reassigning the Commissions to the new Divisions. If you are a member of a current Commission you will automatically become a member of its host Division, but it is also possible to join another Division directly, without having to join one of its Commissions first.

This e-mail asks you to register to join Divisions. In the coming weeks there will be a vote amongst Division members to elect members of the Division Steering Committees. Once these Committees are in place, they will define in the coming months their strategy for the evolution of Commissions and Working Groups within the new structure.

In practice, the registration form takes automatically into account your adherence to a Commission, as recorded in our database, and tick marks in the Division list indicate the Division(s) you should presently be a member of according to the Commission reassignment. You may wish to send back the form either unchanged, or select one or more of the other Divisions that may be of interest to you in the new structure.

The vote for the Division Steering Committees will then be organized based on the resulting constituency for each Division. This is why filling the present registration form is so important.

In order to help you make your decisions, each Division has prepared a short "description" of its activities and goals. To give you a "global" view, all descriptions can be downloaded. They also appear in the IAU web pages for each Division.

If you haven’t replied before Dec.15, by default you will be assigned to the Division(s) corresponding to the Commission(s) of which you’re already a member of.

Please register. The IAU needs you !

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