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Message SF2A No 504 - 05/03/12

1. A three-year, $5.6 million Astronomy and Cosmology program
2. Colloque franco-chinois "Simulations numériques : de la théorie à l’instrumentation", 13-17 mai, la Londe les Maures
3. IAU Joint Discussion 7 "Space-time reference systems for future research", 20-31 August, Beijing, China

1. A three-year, $5.6 million Astronomy and Cosmology program

The John Templeton Foundation announces about 15 grants of up to $300K (theory) or up to $500K (experimental), in the framework of an International Grant and Essay Competition.

These grants aim to support bold, innovative research by scientists and essay prizes to inspire a new generation of thinkers exploring these four Big Questions :
- 1-What was the earliest state of the universe ?
- 2-Is our universe unique or is it part of a much larger multiverse ?
- 3-What is the origin of the complexity in the universe ?
- 4-Are we alone in the universe ? Or, are there other life and intelligence beyond the solar system ?

Approximately 15 grant awards and 16 essay prizes are anticipated.

The research grant deadlines are :
- Pre-Application due : April 16, 2012 22:00 UTC
- Proposal deadline : June 1, 2012 22:00 UTC

More details at this URL

Transmis par Anaëlle Maury

2. Colloque franco-chinois "Simulations numériques : de la théorie à l’instrumentation", 13-17 mai, la Londe les Maures

Le Laboratoire International Origins organise un colloque franco-chinois sur la thématique de "Simulations numériques : de la théorie à l’instrumentation" qui se tiendra du 13 au 17 Mai dans le cadre agréable de la Londe les Maures, au bord de la Méditerranée. Nous aurons ainsi le plaisir d’accueillir les scientifiques chinois du plus haut niveau, dans le cadre de la dernière année du Laboratoire International Origins.

Votre participation est la bienvenue (demande à faire parvenir à Lia Athanassoula, François Hammer et Charling Tao) et vous pouvez consulter ce site web.

Transmis par François Hammer, pour le SOC

RAPPEL : la date limite pour l’appel d’offres du LIA est le 15 Mars 2012 (voir le Message SF2A No 496 - 09/01/12).

3. IAU Joint Discussion 7 "Space-time reference systems for future research", 20-31 August, Beijing, China

Dear Colleagues,

The 28th IAU General Assembly to be held 20-31 August 2012, in Beijing China will include Joint Discussion 7 "Space-time reference systems for future research"(on 27-29 August). The goal of the Joint Discussion is to coordinate ongoing efforts in this field and to develop effective strategies for future cooperative work to ensure that reference systems will be sufficiently accurate to meet the future needs of the international astronomical and space science community.

This JD is an opportunity to review currently planned projects devoted to improving reference systems and the links between the various reference frames (e.g. connecting dynamic frames of satellites or spacecraft) to kinematic reference frames (ITRF, ICRF), and to propose future projects designed to meet developing needs, particularly for future astrophysical research work.

The scientific program will include the following sessions :
- Session 1 - Theoretical aspects of reference systems.
- Session 2 - Space mission requirements.
- Session 3 - Exoplanet and near-Earth object investigations requirements.
- Session 4 - Pulsar investigation requirements.
- Session 5 - Future requirements for products and services.
- Sessions 6 and 7 - Discussion, Summary and Recommendations.

For more details on the organization, key topics and preliminary program, see this website that will be updated as the preparation of the JD is progressing.

Oral and poster presentations on the above topics are welcome.

We strongly encourage you to submit abstract proposals for this Joint Discussion. Registration and Abstract submission must be done through the IAU 28th General Assembly web site, at this URL. Note that the deadline for abstract submission and early registration has been extended to 17 March 2012.

We hope that you will be able to participate in this JD and look forward to seeing you in Beijing. Please forward this message to any colleagues who might be interested.

Nicole Capitaine, Sergei Klioner, and Dennis McCarthy Chairs of IAU JD7 Scientific Organizing Committee

Transmis par Nicole Capitaine


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