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Message SF2A No 433 - 17/08/10

1. Less than 100 days left before the 2010 CFHT Users’ Meeting

1. Less than 100 days left before the 2010 CFHT Users’ Meeting

Did you obtain CFHT observations for your own PI program, or from Large Programs like the CFHTLS, or even from the CFHT archive, leading to scientific advances you want to showcase ?

Did you develop new observing strategies or new ways of handling your data, and which you wish to share ?

Are you interested in the future of CFHT and its instrumentation, as a potential user for your own scientific interests, or as an instrument developer eager to offer new capabilities at one of the best astronomical sites in the world ?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you should definitely consider attending the 2010 CFHT Users’ Meeting ! It will be held in Taipei (Taiwan) on Nov 16-18, thanks to the Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

There will be sessions on current exciting developments at the Observatory, on scientific achievements from PI programs and from the CFHTLS and ongoing Large Programs. The projects for new instrumentation will be highlighted, with a status report from the teams behind SITELLE, SPIRou, GYES and `IMAKA, and hopefully presentations on the many scientific areas to which they could contribute. The meeting will be a unique opportunity to discuss the “CFHT Decade 4” plan which could drive the development of CFHT for the next ten years.

By the way, by attending, you will also have a chance to discover Taiwan, aka Formosa, and its many natural, cultural and artistic treasures.

The web site of the conference is ready for you to register and submit an abstract for a paper or an oral contribution : CLICK HERE.

Remember... less than 100 days left !


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