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Message SF2A No 449 - 30/11/10

1. Conference "Prompt GRB 2011"
2. "Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy", 13-17 June 2011, Center for Astrostatistics, Penn State University
3. International Scientific Workshop on Beamed and Unbeamed Gamma-Rays from Galaxies, 11-15 April 2011, Muonio (Lapland), Finland

1. Conference "Prompt GRB 2011"

Dear Colleague,

we are pleased to announce that the registration, payment, and abstract submission of the conference "The Prompt Activity of Gamma-Ray Bursts : their Progenitors, Engines, and Radiation Mechanisms" (Prompt GRB 2011) is now open. We apologise for the delay due to unforeseen logistic problems.

The conference fees are $250 for regular participants and $200 for students. The conference fees cover :
- The conference package (program, notebook, pen, badge, etc.)
- Coffee breaks and lunches for March the 5th, 6th, and 7th
- Welcome reception on March the 4th
- Conference dinner on March the 6th

To register for the conference, please go to the conference website and follow the registration link. Abstracts can be submitted at the time of registration or at a different time by following the "abstract submission" link.

The conference room has a capacity of approximately 130, and we therefore encourage you to register and pay the registration fees as soon as possible to ensure your seat at the conference. The conference seat will be guaranteed only after payment of the fees.

Accommodation at a special rate can be booked at the Brownstone hotel. A dedicated link is available at the conference website.

Please note the updated list of important dates :

- August 23, 2010 : First Circular
- November 22nd, 2010 : Second Circular and opening of Registration
- Jan. 31, 2011 : Registration and abstract submission deadline
- Feb. 12, 2011 : Last day for hotel reservation at workshop rate
- Feb 15th, 2011 : Final program
- March 5-7, 2011 : Workshop

Looking forward to see you next March in Raleigh

Davide Lazzati, on behalf of the Scientific and Local Organizing Committee

2. "Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy", 13-17 June 2011, Center for Astrostatistics, Penn State University

The SCMA conferences, held every five years since 1991, are the premiere forum for research statisticians and astronomers to discuss methodological issues of mutual interest. Astronomers face an incredible range of problems in statistical inference from megadatasets, modeling data with nonlinear astrophysical models, time series analysis from irregularly spaced observations, spatial analysis of clustering processes, treatment of censoring and truncation, heteroscedastic measurement errors, and more. The issues arise in all fields of astronomy — planetary, stellar, extragalactic and cosmological — and observations at all wavebands of light. Major investments in new telescopes require advanced statistical methodologies to attain their scientific goals. Statistics serves many research communities and is constantly enriching its methodology and capabilities. Astrostatistics today is small but vibrant cross-disciplinary enterprise.

SCMA meetings are unusual in emphasizing cross-disciplinary interactions between statisticians and astronomers. The Invited Speaker in one field is followed by a Commentator from the other field. Brief biographies of the Speakers and Scientific Organizing Committee members are available.

SCMA is preceded by hands-on weekend Tutorials (June 11-12) in fields of particular interest in astrostatistics. The 7th annual Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers, providing an in-depth overview of statistical inference and the R programming environment will be held June 6-10.

The Scientific Program is divided into nine sessions with 30 confirmed speakers.
- 1. Statistical Modeling in Astronomy
- 2. Bayesian Analysis Across Astronomy
- 3. Bayesian Cosmology
- 4. Data Mining and Informatics
- 5. Sparsity
- 6. Interpreting Astrophysical Simulations
- 7. Time Domain Astronomy
- 8. Spatial and Image Analysis
- 9. Future Directions for Astrostatistics

The weekend pre-conference Tutorials presented by S.O.C. members :
- 1. Bayesian Computation : MCMC and All That
- 2. Data Mining
- 3. R for Astronomers
- 4. Wavelets for Image Analysis

The conference welcomes contributed papers from statisticians and astronomers

Conference Web site : HERE

Conference registration will open in January

Scientific Organizing Committee :
- Statisticians : G. Jogesh Babu (PSU, co-Chair), David Banks (Duke), Lawrence Brown (UPenn), Chris Koen (WCU), Fionn Murtagh (RHUL), Chad Schafer (CMU), David van Dyk (UCI)
- Astronomers : Kirk Borne (GMU), Eric Feigelson (PSU, co-chair), Alan Heavens (Edinburgh), Thomas Loredo (Cornell), Pavlos Protopapas (Harvard), Jean-Luc Starck (CEA), Licia Verde (Barcelona)

The conference is sponsored by the Institute for Mathematical Statistics and Penn State’s Eberly College of Science.

Contacts :
- Eric Feigelson, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Penn State University edf@astro.psu.edu
- G. Jogesh Babu, Dept. of Statistics, Penn State University, babu@stat.psu.edu

Transmis par Thierry Montmerle

3. International Scientific Workshop on Beamed and Unbeamed Gamma-Rays from Galaxies, 11-15 April 2011, Muonio (Lapland), Finland

Both the number and types of extragalactic very-high energy gamma-ray emitters has pleasingly increased substantially during the last few years. This international scientific workshop, "Beamed and Unbeamed Gamma-rays from Galaxies", to take place from 2011 April 11-15 in Hotel Olos, Muonio, Finland, is aimed at reviewing and discussing the current knowledge and understanding of gamma-ray emission both from active and other types of galaxies (e.g., starburst galaxies) particularly in the light of results delivered recently from high-energy and very-high energy gamma-ray instruments instruments as well as multiwavelength studies.

The workshop will consist of invited review talks, contributed talks, and "round table" discussions to exchange facts and ideas and facilitate new cooperations. It will also facilitate communication between theorists, phenomenologists and observers. Scientific scope and topics :

* Blazars and jetted AGNs * Blazar and AGN Physics, Observations, Phenomenology * Black hole and central engine * Jets and environment of the central engine * Non-blazar AGNs * Non-AGN galaxies : star-forming and starburst galaxies, cosmic-ray generation * Observational tools : Variability, Correlations, Power Spectra Analysis, Periodicity * Multiwavelength aspects and approaches : Radio, optical, X-rays along with GeV/TeV Gamma-rays * Future observational opportunities * EBL status and progress

The workshop will comprise a 4.5 day meeting in a very open and collaborative atmosphere with up to 10 slots/day for presentations. Presentations will be followed by ample time for questions and discussions.

The venue in Lapland is an extraordinary location, promising a very intense workshop and offering a beautiful winterly scenery and possibilities for outdoor activities (like, e.g., a husky sledding or a snowmobile tour). It is well connected from Kittilä airport and can be reached within 2 hours flight from Helsinki airport.

- Information, registration, and abstract submission : HERE
- Contact : gfg2011@astroparticlephysics.info
- Deadline for registration and abstracts : 18 February 2011


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