Electronic edition of the SF2A Scientific Highlights 2006

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Fundamental Astronomy -- 

Reference systems -- 

Common session

Implementation Strategy for the ESA Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme     

C. Turon


Fundamental astronomy

The ILIADE project: telemetry with nanometer precision for formation flight with femtosecond laser    PDF

F. Bondu, C. Bourcier, A. Brillet, J.P. Coulon, M. Lintz, C.N. Man, J.F. Mangin, G. Martinot-Lagarde, F. Para, E. Samain, M. Vangeleyn, G. de Vine, P. Vrancken

OCA/GEMINI-GRGS becoming an official ILRS analysis center     PDF

F. Deleflie, P. Berio, D. Coulot, P. Exertier, D. Féraudy, O. Laurain, G. Métris, P. Bonnefond

Matter waves : a new tool for the detection of Gravitational Waves ?      PDF

P. Delva, M.-C. Angonin, Ph. Tourrenc

Review of analytical studies of relative motions in flight formations      PDF

J. Fontdecaba, P. Exertier

The IVS team at the Paris Observatory: how are we doing?     PDF

A.M. Gontier, S.B.Lambert, C. Barache

The Earth's nutation: observational and geophysical issues      PDF

S.B. Lambert

The winter dance of the Earth's pole      PDF

S. B.Lambert, C. Bizouard, V. Dehant

Radio-optical realizations of celestial reference frames      PDF

S. B. Lambert, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, S. Bouquillon

Pioneer Anomaly and Space Accelerometer for Gravity Test      PDF

Agnès Levy, Bruno Christophe, Serge Reynaud

Asteroid mass determination with the Gaia mission     PDF

S. Mouret, D. Hestroffer, F. Mignard

De Haerdtl inequality: an inequality of great dynamical interest in the Galilean system      PDF

B. Noyelles, A. Vienne

Time Transfer by Laser Link The T2L2 Experiment on Jason-2      PDF

E. Samain, J. Weick, P. Vrancken, J.-M. Torre, J.-F. Mangin, F. Para, J. Paris, D. Albanese, R. Dalla, Ph. Guillemot, I. Petitbon



Reference systems

The Bordeaux Observatory IVS Analysis Center      PDF

P. Charlot, A. Bellanger, G. Bourda, J.\,I.\,B. Camargo, A. Collioud, A. Baudry

Astronomy, space geodesy and fundamental physics experiments in space : present status and projects     PDF

P. Exertier, G. Métris

About relativistic close approaches between Jupiter and quasars in the perspective of the GAIA mission      PDF

J. Souchay, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte




PSF Reconstruction for NAOS-CONICA     PDF

Y. Clénet, M. Kasper, E. Gendron, T. Fusco, G. Rousset, D. Gratadour, C. Lidman, O. Marco, N. Ageorges, S. Egner

The European ELT: status report      PDF

J.-G. Cuby

High dynamic solar radio images by combining visibilities from the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope ($GMRT$) and the Nancay Radioheliograph ($NRH$)      PDF

C. Mercier

Action Spécifique Haute Résolution Angulaire    PDF

D. Mourard, C. Perrier, A. Chelli


Aladin, a portal for the Virtual Observatory      PDF

T. Boch, P. Fernique, F. Bonnarel, M. G. Allen, O. Bienaymé, S. Derrière

Turning Besançon Observatory on-line facilities into the VO - Galactic Model Simulation, Binary Star, and TNO databases     PDF

B. Debray, A. C. Robin, E. Oblak, J.M. Petit, P. Rousselot, C. Reylé, M. Schultheis

Definition and Implementation of VO standards for the access of atomic and molecular linelists      PDF

M. L. Dubernet, N. Moreau, P. Osuna, M. Guanazzi, J. Salgado, E. Roueff, I. Barbarisi

The LASCO-ARTEMIS Catalog links to the virtual Observatory using SiTools     PDF

F. Ernandes, M. Burtin, T. Fenouillet, L. Fiore, R. Savalle, C. Surace

Mosaicing large images for the Virtual Observatory      PDF

J. Guibert, R. Haigron , F. Tajahmady , J. Vétois , P. Le Sidaner, J.C. Malapert

Latest VO developments at Paris VO Data Center     PDF

P. Le Sidaner, M.-L.Dubernet, G. Simon, J. Aboudarham, A. Baillard, C. Barache, F. Boone, I. Chilingarian, M. Dantel-Fort, J.M. Desert, P. Didelon, D. Egret, J. Guibert, G. Hebrard, V. Lainey, F. Magnard, C. Marmo, J.M. Martin, D. Pelat, C. Renié, A. Sarkissian, J. Schneider, G. Theureau, F. Vachier

Automatic access to BASECOL database and scientific applications     PDF

N. Moreau, M. L. Dubernet

Workflow Working Group in the frame of ASOV     PDF

A. Schaaff, F. Le Petit, P. Prugniel, E. Slezak, C. Surace

A first step for the French Geodetic and Fundamental Astronomy Virtual Observatory     PDF

Barache, C., Berio, P., Bizouard, C., Bouquillon, S., Collilieux, X., Coulot, D., Deleflie, F., Exertier, P., Féraudy, D., Gontier, A.-M., Lambert, S., Vanderschueren, Y.



Solid bodies dynamics in accretion disks: numerical simulations as a tool to validate an analytical model     PDF

S. Fromang, J. Papaloizou, A. Carballido

A prescription for the softening length in flat disks      PDF

J.-M. Huré, A. Pierens

Convergence Study of the Magnetorotational Instability in a Shearing Box With a Mean Field      PDF

Silvers L.J., Balbus S.A.



The coherence of kHz quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-rays from accreting neutron stars      PDF

Didier Barret, Jean-Francois Olive, M. Coleman M. Miller.

Ultra High Energy neutrinos with the Pierre Auger Observatory      PDF

P. Billoir, O. Blanch Bigas for the Pierre Auger Collaboration

Hybrid modelization of the high-energy broad-band spectra of Cygnus X-1 observed by INTEGRAL       PDF

M. Cadolle Bel, A. Goldwurm, J. Rodriguez, P. Sizun, P. Laurent, P. Goldoni, J. Malzac, E. Jourdain, J.P. Roques

Observation of the microquasar LS 5039 with H.E.S.S.      PDF

M. de Naurois, the H.E.S.S. collaboration

An ubiquitous hybrid origin for the high energy emission of\newline X-ray Binaries and Active Galactic Nuclei ?      PDF

S. Deluit

Gamma-ray binaries, a new class of very high energy sources     PDF

G. Dubus

GRB 050904 as seen by SWIFT and TAROT     PDF

B. Gendre, A. Galli, A. Corsi, A. Klotz, L. Piro, G. Stratta, M. Boër, Y. Damerdji, J.L. Atteia

The HESS Galactic Center source and Galactic plane diffuse emission     PDF

J-F. Glicenstein, the H.E.S.S collaboration

Swift GRB 060105: do we see the emergence of a jet cocoon in a very bright burst?      PDF

O. Godet, B. Zhang, Page, K. L., J.P. Osborne, P. T. O'Brien, V. Pal'shin

A database of pressure equilibrium models with the TITAN code      PDF

A. C. Goncalves

Ultra Luminous X-ray sources: disc models and alternative scenarios      PDF

   A. C. Goncalves, R. Soria

TITAN: a transfer-photoionisation code for hot, thick media      PDF

A. C. Goncalves, S. Collin, A.M. Dumont

The Magnetoviscous-Thermal Instability in Dilute Magnetized Astrophysical Plasmas      PDF

T. S. Islam, S. A. Balbus

GRI: The Gamma-Ray Imager mission      PDF

Jürgen Knödlseder, the GRI consortium

Relativistic hydro with AMRVAC and simulation of ultra-relativistic dynamics      PDF

Z. Meliani, R. Keppens, F. Casse

Search for a Dark Matter annihilation signal from the Galactic Center with H.E.S.S.      PDF

E. Moulin on behalf of the H.E.S.S. Collaboration

Integrally monitoring GRS 1915+105 with simultaneous INTEGRAL, RXTE, Ryle and Nançay observations      PDF

J. Rodriguez, G. Pooley, D. C. Hannikainen, J. H. Lehto

Upper limits on the ultra high energy photon fraction with the Pierre Auger Observatory      PDF

Cécile Roucelle for the Pierre Auger collaboration

Upgrade of the CODALEMA EAS radio-detection experiment      PDF

T. Saugrin, the CODALEMA collaboration

Shock waves and electron dynamics      PDF

Philippe Savoini, Bertrand Lembege

Identifying the faint X-ray sources in the globular cluster NGC 2808 with XMM-Newton    PDF

M. Servillat, N. A. Webb, D. Barret

Discovery of Very High Energy gamma-ray emission from the distant BL Lac object H2356-309 with the H.E.S.S. Cherenkov Telescopes   PDF

G. Superina for the H.E.S.S collaboration

Multi-wavelength pulsars study : Long-term timing of XMM, HESS and GLAST sources with the Nancay radiotelescope    PDF

G. Theureau, I. Cognard, D. Smith, N. Webb, Y. Gallant

A potentially stabilizing magnetic effect in astrophysical jets    PDF

M. Viallet, H. Baty

The Pierre Auger Observatory: Status and recent results   PDF

Serguei Vorobiov (for the Pierre Auger Collaboration)

Observations of the faint X-ray sources in Galactic globular clusters using XMM-Newton    PDF

N.A. Webb, M. Servillat, D. Barret

New Clues to the Origin of Galactic Positrons    PDF

G. Weidenspointner, P. Jean, J. Knödelseder, G. Skinner, P. von Ballmoos, J.P. Roques, G. Vedrenne, P. Milne, B.J. Teegarden, R. Diehl, A. Strong, S. Schanne, B. Cordier, Ch. Winkler


Analysis of the emission of very small dust particles from Spitzer-IRS observations, using blind signal separation methods     PDF

O. Berné, C. Joblin, Y. Deville, J. D. Smith, M. Rapacioli, J. P. Bernard, J. Thomas, W. Reach, A. Abergel

Aromatic emission from the ionised mane of the Horsehead nebula      PDF

M. Compiègne, A. Abergel, L. Verstraete, W. T. Reach, E. Habart, F. Boulanger, C. Joblin

Rotational excitation of CS and SiO by collisions with Helium      PDF

F. Dayou, C. Balanca, F. Lique, A. Spielfiedel, N. Feautrier

Low Sulfur Depletion in Photodissociation Regions     PDF

J. R. Goicoechea, J. Pety, M. Gerin, D. Teyssier, E. Roueff, P. Hily-Blant

Characterization of the IRAS22129+7000 protostar and associated molecular outflow in B175 (=L1219)      PDF

J.R. Goicoechea, O. Berné, M. Gerin, C. Joblin, D. Teyssier

Radiation hydrodynamics simulations of jets - ISM interactions      PDF

M. González, E. Audit, T. Lery

Small-scale dissipative structures of the diffuse ISM: CO diagnostics     PDF

P. Hily-Blant, J. Pety, E. Falgarone

Rotational excitation of sulfur monoxide by collisions with Helium at low temperature      PDF

F. Lique, A. Spielfiedel, M.-L. Dubernet, N. Feautrier, J. Cernicharo

Benchmarking PDR models against the Horsehead edge      PDF

Pety, J., Goicoechea, J.R., Gerin, M., Hily-Blant, P., Teyssier, D., Roueff, E., Habart, E., Abergel, A.



Optimization of source extraction & galaxy luminosity function of the cluster of galaxies Abell 85     PDF

G. Boué, F. Durret, G. Mamon

Accelerated-like expansion: inhomogeneities versus dark energy      PDF

M.N. Célérier

The BRAIN project:looking for $B$-mode from Dome-C      PDF

Cressiot C., Piat M., Kaplan J., Bréelle E., Dufour C., Rosset, C., Masi S., Polenta, G., Peterzen, S., the BRAIN collaboration

CFHT Legacy Survey (CFHTLS) : a rich data set     PDF

J.-C. Cuillandre, E. Bertin

Supernovae-driven Winds in Isolated Galaxies.     PDF

Y. Dubois, R. Teyssier

Reconstructing dark energy using distance-luminosity and baryonic oscillations data    PDF

S. Fay, R. Tavakol

Is Dark Energy Abnormally Weighting?    PDF

A. Füzfa, J.-M. Alimi

Reinterpreting quintessential dark energy through averaged inhomogeneous cosmologies    PDF

J. Larena, T. Buchert, J.-M. Alimi

Reconstruction of the primordial density field from redshift and distance catalogs of galaxies   PDF

G. Lavaux, R. Mohayaee, R.B. Tully, S. Colombi, J. Silk

Testing General Relativity with the ACES Mission   PDF

P. Noterdaeme, P. Petitjean, C. Ledoux, R. Srianand

High metallicity and molecular hydrogen in Damped Lyman-alpha systems   PDF

G. Lavaux, R. Mohayaee, R.B. Tully, S. Colombi, J. Silk

Estimation of the Hubble constant by the Effects of the cosmological constants   PDF

S. Peirani, J.A. de Freitas Pacheco

Phase-space mixing of dark halos in merger event   PDF

S. Peirani, F. Durier, J.A. de Freitas Pacheco

On the "history" of the Universe and the beginning of time     PDF

J. Schneider

Weak lensing survey of galaxy clusters in the CFHTLS Deep fields      PDF

G. Soucail, R. Gavazzi

Relativistic astrometry and Synge's world function     PDF

P. Teyssandier, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte



The mean absorption due to the Ly$\alpha$ forest in the spectra of high redshift highly luminous quasars      PDF

A. Aghaee, P. Petitjean, C. S. Stalin, R. Guimaraes, B. Aracil

The role of mass in the evolution of galaxies: the downsizing effect     PDF

A. Boselli, G. Gavazzi, S. Boissier

The Herschel galaxy reference survey    PDF

A. Boselli, the SPIRE extragalactic group

The local universe as seen in FIR and in FUV      PDF

V. Buat, J. Iglesias-Páramo, T. T. Takeuchi

The CFHTLS Strong Lensing Legacy Survey     PDF

R. A. Cabanac, B. Fort, R. Gavazzi, the SL2S team

The Coma cluster revisited      PDF

F. Durret, C. Adami, the Coma collaboration

Determining the evolutionary history of galaxies by astrocladistics : some results on close galaxies.     PDF

D. Fraix-Burnet

$\alpha$-abundance in the Milky Way's thin and thick disks : automated determination of T$\_{eff}$, logg, [F{\scriptsize e}/H] and [$\alpha$/F{\scriptsize e}]      PDF

P. Girard, C. Soubiran

Morphology of $z\sim1$ galaxies from deep K-band AO imaging     PDF

M. Huertas-Company, D. Rouan, G. Soucail, O. Le Fèvre, L. Tasca

Color distribution of galaxies in the CFHTLS-Deep fields      PDF

Florence Ienna, and Roser Pell\'{o}

The evolution of the mass-metallicity relation up to z$\approx$0.9 from the VIMOS/VLT Deep Survey      PDF

F. Lamareille, T. Contini, S. Charlot, J. Brinchmann , the VVDS team

An interferometric study of NGC 1068 with VISIR BURST mode images      PDF

A. Poncelet, C. Doucet, G. Perrin, H. Sol, P.O. Lagage

Physics of galaxy formation with ELTs      PDF

M. Puech, F. Hammer, H. Flores, M.D. Lehnert, B. Neichel, J.-G. Cuby

Studying the evolution of multi-wavelength emissivities with the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey      PDF

L. Tresse, O. Ilbert, E. Zucca, G. Zamorani, S. Bardelli, S. Arnouts

Capabilities of the HYPERLEDA database      PDF

I. Vauglin, P. Prugniel, H. Courtois, D. Makarov, C. Petit, G. Mamon, G. Paturel

Integration of the HYPERLEDA database in the Virtual Observatory     PDF

I. Vauglin, P. Prugniel, G. Paturel

Cold molecular filaments around the cooling flows galaxy NGC1275      PDF

P. Salomé, F. Combes team


Giant planet formation models: the case of HD69830      PDF

Y. Alibert, I. Baraffe, W. Benz, G. Chabrier, C. Mordasini

Spitzer observations of circumstellar disks      PDF

J.-C. Augereau

Astrometric reduction of the Mars Exploration Rover night-time observations      PDF

J. Berthier, V. Lainey, J. Bell, V. Dehant

The spatial distribution of molecular species observed in comet Hale Bopp with the Plateau de Bure Interferometer      PDF

J. Boissier, D. Bockelée-Morvan, J.-F. Crifo, A. V. Rodionov

New approach to the search for companions to extrasolar planets      PDF

J. Cabrera, J. Schneider

Observations of comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 with the Nançay radio telescope     PDF

P. Colom, J. Crovisier, N. Biver, D. Bockelée-Morvan, J. Boissier, A. Lecacheux

Radio Observations Of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 Before And After \textit{Deep Impact      PDF

N. Biver, D. Bockelée-Morvan, J. Boissier, P. Colom, J. Crovisier, A. Lecacheux, R. Moreno, G. Paubert, D.\,C. Lis, M. Sumner, U. Frisk, \AA. Hjalmarsson, Aa. Sandqvist, S. Kwok, H. Rickman, M.\,F. A'Hearn, K. Meech

Planet detection around M dwarfs: new constraints on planet formation models      PDF

X. Delfosse., X. Bonfils, T. Forveille, T., J.L. Beuzit, C. Perrier, D. Ségransan, S. Udry, M. Mayor, F. Bouchy, F. Pepe, D. Queloz, J.-L. Bertaux

Liquid water on an extrasolar planet?      PDF

D. Ehrenreich, A. Lecavelier des Etangs, J.-P. Beaulieu, O. Grasset

Jovian Active Longitudes and Io-Controlled Decameter Radio Emissions      PDF

P.\,H.\,M. Galopeau, M.\,Y. Boudjada, H.\,O. Rucker

Jovian seismology: preliminary results of the SYMPA instrument     PDF

P. Gaulme, F.\,X. Schmider, J. Gay, C. Jacob, F. Jeanneaux, M. Alvarez, M. Reyes, J.\,C. Valtier, E. Fossat, P.\,L. Palle, J \,C. Belmonte, B. Gelly

A new mechanism of stability highlighted by the recent planetary system HD\,73526     PDF

J. Gayon, E. Bois

Imaging polarimetry of the dust coma of the Deep Impact target: Comet Tempel 1      PDF

E. Hadamcik, A.-C. Levasseur-Regourd, V. Leroi

The New SOPHIE Exoplanets Consortium: Search and Characterization in the Northern Hemisphere      PDF

B. Loeillet, F. Bouchy, S. Udry, C. Moutou, X. Delfosse, A.-M. Lagrange, D. Queloz, J.-L. Beuzit, X. Bonfils, R. Da Silva, M. Desort, T. Forveille, F. Galland, G. Hébrard, C. Lovis, M. Mayor, F. Pepe, C. Perrier, F. Pont, D. Segransan, J.-P. Sivan, A. Vidal-Madjar

First large radial velocity survey for exoplanets and low-mass stars with a multifiber spectrograph      PDF

B. Loeillet, F. Bouchy, M. Deleuil, F. Royer, C. Moutou, J.-C. Bouret, F. Pont, N. Santos, P. Barge, J.-P. Sivan

Effects of Impacts on the Crystallisation of Planetesimals in Formation in the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt     PDF

U. Marboeuf, J.-M. Petit, O. Mousis

The role of Fischer-Tropsch catalysis in Jovian subnebular chemistry      PDF

O. Mousis, Y. Alibert, Y. Sekine, S. Sugita, T. Matsui

On type I migration in circumbinary discs      PDF

A. Pierens, R. Nelson

Librations of Mercury due to Core-Mantle Couplings     PDF

N. Rambaux

SEE-COAST: The Super-Earth Explorer      PDF

J. Schneider, P. Riaud, G. Tinetti, H.M. Schmid, D. Stam, S. Udry, P. Baudoz , A. Boccaletti, O. Grasset, D. Mawet, J. Surdej, the SEE-COAST Team

Titan and the other Saturnian icy satellites seen by the Cassini-Huygens mission      PDF

G. Tobie, C. Sotin, S. Le Mouélic, S. Rodriguez

Comparison of temperature and abundance vertical profiles of Titan between the equator and the north pole as retrieved from Cassini/CIRS limb spectra     PDF

S. Vinatier, B. Bézard, The CIRS Investigation Team


New models of abundance stratifications in the atmospheres of magnetic Ap stars      PDF

G. Alecian, M.J. Stift

MHD simulations of the magnetic coupling between a young star and its accretion disk      PDF

N. Bessolaz, J. Ferreira, R. Keppens, J. Bouvier

Magnetic instabilities in stellar radiation zones      PDF

A.S. Brun, J.-P. Zahn

Line formation in 3D radiation hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiants      PDF

A. Chiavassa, B. Plez, E. Josselin, B. Freytag

GAIA: present status and preparation of data analysis      PDF

F. Crifo, for the french GAIA team

Probing Milky Way's Brown Dwarfs using CFHTLS     PDF

P. Delorme, T., Forveille, X. Delfosse, C. Willott, L. Albert, A. Robin, C. Reyle, M. Schulteis

A large flaring disk around HD97048      PDF

C. Doucet, E. Habart, E. Pantin, P.-O. Lagage, C. Pinte, G. Duchêne, F. Ménard

Modelling and laboratory experiments of astrophysical radiative shocks      PDF

M. González, C. Stehlé, E. Audit, M. Busquet, B. Rus, F. Thais

Interferometric study of Betelgeuse in H band      PDF

X. Haubois, G. Perrin, S. Lacour, P.A. Schuller, J.D. Monnier, J.-P. Berger, S.T. Ridgway, R. Millan-Gabet, E. Pedretti, W.A. Traub

Rising flux tubes in a spherical convective shell      PDF

L. Jouve, A. S. Brun

Numerical simulation of MRI: towards a systematic characterization of turbulent transport in accretion disks.      PDF

G. Lesur, P.-Y. Longaretti

Wave chaos in rapidly rotating stars      PDF

F. Lignières, S. Vidal, B. Georgeot, D. Reese

Be stars in open clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud.      PDF

C. Martayan, D. Baade, A.-M. Hubert, M. Floquet, J. Fabregat, E. Bertin, C. Neiner

Massive stars in the central parsec of the Galaxy      PDF

F. Martins, R. Genzel, F. Eisenhauer, T. Paumard, S. Gillessen, T. Ott, S. Trippe

Tidal effects in extrasolar planetary systems      PDF

S. Mathis, J.-P. Zahn

Dynamical processes in stellar radiation zones: secular magnetohydrodynamics of rotating stars     PDF

S. Mathis, T. Decressin, A. Palacios, L. Siess, C. Charbonnel, S. Turck-Chièze, J.-P. Zahn

Spectro-polarimetry at Telescope B. Lyot      PDF

D. Mouillet, M. Aurière, the TBL and Narval teams

Multi-wavelength modeling of protoplanetary disks      PDF

C. Pinte, F. Ménard, G. Duchêne, J.-C. Augereau

Modeling rapidly rotating stars      PDF

M. Rieutord

New results from the VLTI on massive hot stars: First direct detection of a Keplerian disk around $\alpha$ Arae      PDF

Ph. Stee, A. Meilland , M. Vannier, F. Millour , A. Domiciano de Souza , F. Malbet , C. Martayan, R. Petrov , A. Spang

AMBER/VLTI spectroscopy of young stars : a disk-wind around the Herbig Ae star HD104237h      PDF

E. Tatulli, A. Isella, A. Natta, L. Testi, A. Marconi., the AMBER consortium

Hydrodynamic simulations of irradiated secondary stars in dwarf novae     PDF

M. Viallet, J. M. Hameury

AGB circumstellar environments probed through the 21 cm atomic hydrogen line emission. A programme for the SKA ?       PDF

  E. Gérard, T. Le Bertre



Data collection and mining in Solar Physics     PDF

J. Aboudarham

Excitation of solar \em{p} modes. Effect of the asymmetry of the convection zone      PDF

K. Belkacem, R. Samadi, M. J. Goupil, F. Kupka, F. Baudin

Development of anisotropy in MHD turbulence      PDF

B. Bigot{}, S. Galtier, H. Politano

Heating of the solar corona      PDF

E. Buchlin

Particle acceleration in solar flare: Linking between the magnetic energy release and acceleration process      PDF

C. Dauphin

Magnetic fluctuation spectrum in the inner solar wind      PDF

S. Galtier

The THEMIS solar telescope in 2006: situation and perspectives      PDF

B. Gelly, A. López Ariste

Time-dependent simulations of solar wind including the transition region      PDF

R. Grappin, J. Léorat, Y.-M. Wang

Preliminary results from the March 29, 2006 total eclipse observations in Egypt      PDF

S. Koutchmy, J-Y. Daniel , J. Mouette., J. Vilinga, J-C. Noëns, L. Damé, M. Faurobert, H. Dara, A. Hady, M. Semeida, M. Sabry, A. Domenech, J-M. Munier, R. Jimenez, Th. Legault, Ch. Viladrich, S. Kuzin, A. Pertsov, the O.A. Team

Plasma diagnostic of a solar prominence from hydrogen and helium resonance lines      PDF

N. Labrosse, J.-C. Vial, P. Gouttebroze

Helioseismic measurements of solar radius changes from SOHO/MDI     PDF

S. Lefebvre, A.G. Kosovichev, J.P. Rozelot

BASS2000: on-going projects and results      PDF

N. Meunier, M. Lafon, P. Maeght, F. Grimaud, Th. Roudier

Analysis of broad-band H$\alpha$ coronagraphic observations      PDF

J.-C. Noëns, D. Romeuf, N. Meunier, S. Koutchmy, R. Jimenez, O. Wurmser, Rochain, S., the "O.A." team

A new concept for magnetic reconnection : slip-running reconnection      PDF

E. Pariat, G. Aulanier, P. Démoulin

New perspectives on prominences as observed by SOHO/SUMER      PDF

B. Schmieder, J.-C. Vial, P. Heinzel

Magnetic Sources of flares and CMEs in October 2003      PDF

B. Schmieder, P. Démoulin, A. Berlicki, C. Mandrini, Li Hui

PNP/PNPS/PCMI Common session

On the impact of disk gravity on planetary migration      PDF

C. Baruteau, F. Masset

Cavity formation in protoplanetary disks     PDF

A. Crida, A. Morbidelli

Silicate dust: from observations to the laboratory     PDF
  Z. Djouadi, C. Davoisne, L. d'Hendecourt, H. Leroux, A. Jones

Planet migration in magnetised disks     PDF

S. Fromang

Gaseous component in the circumstellar environment of Herbig Ae/Be stars      PDF
   C. Martin-Zaïdi, M. Deleuil, M., J.-C. Bouret, C. Doucet, P.-O. Lagage, E. Pantin