4 juin - 7 juin 2013


Atelier du PNHE


Wednesday 5th June
14h00-14h20 Manuela Vecchi : Recent results from the AMS-02 experiment in space
14h20-14h40 Jennifer Maller : Radio detection of air shower with AERA
14h40-15h00 Didier Barret : ATHENA+: Revealing the hot and energetic Universe
15h00-15h20 Frederic Marin : X-ray polarimetry as a valuable tool in the forthcoming era of X-ray astrophysics: predictions for NGC 1365 and MCG-6-30-15
15h20-15h40 Camille Charignon : A new mechanism for Deflagration to Detonation Transition (DDT) in thermonuclear supernovae
15h40-16h20 Coffee break
16h20-16h40 Denis Wouters : Constraints on axion-like particles from the high-energy universe
16h40-17h00 Fabien Grisé : A long-term X-ray monitoring of the ULX NGC 5408 X-1 with Swift reveals the presence of dips but no orbital period
17h00-17h20 Frederic Vincent : Observable predictions for two models of quasi-periodic oscillations of microquasars
17h20-17h40 Jerome Guilet : Angular momentum redistribution by a SASI spiral mode and its consequences for the spin of neutron stars
17h40-18h00 Zakaria Meliani : A hydrodynamical model of the circumstellar bubble created by two massive stars