3 juin - 6 juin 2014


Interaction étoiles planètes


Day X, June
2pm Orateur : titre
4pm-4:30pm Coffee break

e-posters in this session

GUENEL MathieuInertial waves in differentially rotating external convective envelopes of low-mass stars and tidesfile not uploaded
GUENEL MathieuUnravelling tidal dissipation in gaseous giant planetsfile not uploaded
AUCLAIR-DESROTOUR Pierre Tidal dissipation in stars and fluid planetary layers and its impact on the evolution of star-planet systemsfile not uploaded
CUELLO NicolasImpact de la photophorèse sur le bord interne des disques protoplanétairesfile not uploaded
PIGNATALE Francesco CristianoA 2D dust chemistry of the Inner solar Nebulafile not uploaded
BOURGOIN AdrienTesting alternative theories of gravity with Lunar Laser Rangingfile not uploaded
BAZIN CyrilleInterface photosphère-couronne : Enrichissement de la couronne en éléments low FIP et enveloppes d’héliumfile not uploaded
MATHIS StéphaneThe impact of rotation on turbulent friction acting on tides in stellar convection zones file not uploaded
CREEVEY OrlaghA homogenous analysis of the CoRoT planetary hostsfile not uploaded
ALEXANDROVA OlgaCompressible coherent structures at ion scales in the solar wind turbulencefile not uploaded
GRAPPIN RolandTurbulence in the solar wind viewed as an anisotropic big-bangfile not uploaded
LE PONCIN-LAFITTE Christophe Relativistic effects in planetary dynamics : the ESPER codefile not uploaded