3 juin - 6 juin 2014


Atelier PNPS


This session is dedicated to talks on all PNPS subjects not covered by other workshops supported by the PNPS this year.

Scientific committee

Corinne Charbonnel, Boris Dintrans & Sylvain Bontemps for the Scientific Council of the PNPS.

If you have questions, please contact Sylvain Bontemps (bontemps@obs.u-bordeaux1.fr).

Tuesday, June 3rd
2:00-2:20pm Pascal TREMBLIN : Impact of ionization compression on turbulent molecular clouds and dating of OB associations
2:20-2:40pm Victor RÉVILLE : Influence de la topologie magnétique sur le couple de freinage du au vent pour les étoiles de type solaire
2:40-3:00pm Anaïs GONNEAU : Carbon stars from the X-shooter Spectral Library
3:00-3:20pm Lydia TCHANG-BRILLET : Laboratory determination of spectroscopic data for stellar physics
3:20-3:40pm Sylvie SAHAL-BRÉCHOT : Virtual Laboratory Astrophysics: the Stark-Bdatabase VAMDC node for spectral line broadening by collisions with charged particles
3:40-4:00pm Maëlle LE PENNEC : Stellar opacities validations
4:00-4:30pm Coffee break
4:30-4:50pm Nadège LAGARDE : Constraining the transport processes in stellar interiors with red-giant stars in the open cluster NGC 6819
4:50-5:10pm Mathieu VRARD : Red giant oscillation spectra in control
5:10-5:30pm Nicolas NARDETTO : VEGA/CHARA: résultats et perspective
5:30-5:50pm Mounir CHALLOUF : Improving the surface-brightness relation for early-type stars using the VEGA@CHARA interferometer
5:50-6:10pm Giovanni MIROUH : Gravito-inertial waves in a differentially rotating spherical shell
6:10-6:30pm Lucie ALVAN : Analysis of internal gravity waves using 3D simulations

e-posters in this session

FELIX Sophie3D direct simulations of Cepheidsfile not uploaded
CEILLIER TugdualSurface rotation of solar-like oscillating stars and implications for age-rotation-magnetism relationsfile not uploaded
BREITFELDER JoanneA new study of Cepheids p-factor : Application on κ Pav and RS Pupfile not uploaded
NEINER CoralieThe BRITE spectropolarimetric surveyfile not uploaded
FEAUTRIER NicoleModélisation NLTE des atmosphères d'étoiles froidesfile not uploaded
MONIER RichardDetection d'elements lourds surabondants dans l'etoile HD 30085 (A0V).file not uploaded
KILICOGLU TolgahanEvolution of the abundances of the chemical elements with age in open clusters: Hyades, Pleiades, Coma Berenices and M6 file not uploaded
BLAZERE auroreUltra-weak magnetic fields in Am star: beta UMa and theta Leofile not uploaded
BEURET MaximeIdentificaton of protostellar clusters in the inner part of the milky way : Interaction between ISM and star forming regions.file not uploaded
GARCIA Rafael A. Helioseismic inferences of the last two solar cycles: why solar cycle 24 is so different? file not uploaded
LAROUR JeanElectromagnetic generation of strong shocks in low pressure gasfile not uploaded