2 juin - 5 juin 2015


Atelier du PNPS (Amphi Le Chatelier)

Cet atelier général du PNPS est réservé aux contributions en physique stellaire qui ne relèvent pas des autres ateliers thématiques SF2A dans lesquels le PNPS est impliqué (ex. atelier commun S12 avec le PNHE sur les stades ultimes). Il est supervisé par le Conseil Scientifique du PNPS.

Pour toute question pratique, merci de contacter : Boris Dintrans (boris.dintrans [at] irap.omp.eu).

Jeudi 4 juin
14:00-14:15 Sébastien Deheuvels (IRAP) : Probing the internal rotation of intermediate-mass core helium burning stars with seismology
14:15-14:30 Delphine Hypolite (IRAP) : Dynamics of rapidly rotating star in gravitational contraction
14:30-14:45 Florian Gallet (Obs. Genève) : Angular momentum evolution for low mass stars
14:45-15:00 Vincent Prat (MPA) : Numerical simulations of zero-Prandtl-number thermohaline convection
15:00-15:15 Merieme Chadid (LAGRANGE) : A new method for stellar pulsation study from Antarctica
15:15-15:30 Giovanni Mirouh (IRAP) : Gravito-inertial modes of oscillation in a differentially-rotating radiative zone
15:30-15:45 Présentation groupée des e-posters : mon e-poster en 60s !
15:45-16:00 Pause café
16:00-16:15 Sébastien Salmon (CEA/IRFU/Sap) : What can we learn from the asteroseismology of beta Cephei stars?
16:15-16:30 Mathieu Guenel (CEA/IRFU/Sap) : Tidal inertial waves in the differentially rotating convective envelopes of low-mass stars
16:30-16:45 Jean-Louis Halbwachs (Obs. Strasbourg) : Accurate stellar masses of SB2 components: Interferometric observations for Gaia validation
16:45-17:00 Matthias Gonzalez (CEA/IRFU/Sap) : Multigroup radiation hydrodynamics with flux-limited diffusion and adaptive mesh refinement
17:00-17:15 Sarah Fechtenbaum (LAB) : CygX-N63 : the astrochemical link between dark clouds and hot cores?
17:15-17:30 Pierre Kervella (LESIA) : Gaia et l'échelle de distance des Céphéides
17:30-17:45 Arthur Choplin (Obs. Genève) : Clues about the first stars from CEMP-no stars
17:45-18:00 Astrid Lamberts (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) : Gamma^2 Velorum: combining interferometric observations with hydrodynamic simulations
18:00-18:15 Anthony Hervé (ASU) : The first homogeneous set of stellar parameters for the reference O stars

e-posters pour cette session

Gallet FlorianHost's star and habitabilitye-poster (click to see)
Richard MonierThe peculiar abundance pattern of the new HgMn star HD 30085e-poster (click to see)
Richard MonierDiscovery of new Chemically Peculiar stars among slowly rotating late B-type stars: the case of HD67044e-poster (click to see)
Le Poncin-Lafitte ChristopheTidal dissipation in stars and fluid planetary regions : impact of rotation, stratification and thermal diffusivity.e-poster (click to see)
ITAM-PASQUET JohannaPossible variability of interstellar reddening in the line of sight of NGC 4833e-poster (click to see)
DORVAL JulienImpact de l'évolution dynamique des jeunes amas stellaires sur les populations de binairese-poster (click to see)
Neiner CoralieBinaMIcS: the magnetic field of the hot spectroscopic binary HD5550e-poster (click to see)
Tessore BenjaminSpectropolarimetric study of the cool RV Tauri star R Scutie-poster (click to see)
MATHIS StéphaneThe variation of tidal dissipation in the convective envelope of low-mass stars along their evolutione-poster (click to see)
LEININGER ThierryStudy of the triplet Mg(3p)-Mg(4s) line shape in cool DZ white dwarfse-poster (click to see)
DEAL MorganFingering instabilities induced by the accretion of planetary matter onto stars : the lithium case. Application to the 16 Cygni stellar system.e-poster (click to see)
CRIFO FrançoiseGaia radial velocities: first comparisons with ground valuese-poster (click to see)
HYPOLITE DelphineModelling Achernar with ESTERe-poster (click to see)
KILICOGLU TolgahanAbundance determinations for the F dwarfs members of the Hyades from SOPHIE high resolution spectrae-poster (click to see)
Palacios AnaBase de données POLLUXe-poster (click to see)