14 juin - 17 juin 2016


S05 R��union des utilisateurs des t��lescopes fran��ais (TBL/OHP193)

The calibration of the Gaia radial velocities

C. Soubiran, G. Jasniewicz, C. Zurbach, F. Crifo, P. Sartoretti, D. Katz, O. Marchal, P. Panuzzo, S. Udry

The RVS spectrograph on board of Gaia having no calibration device, radial velocity standards are needed to calibrate the zero-point of the instrument. We have prepared a list of 2798 such stars, well distributed over the sky, and compiled ~25000 individual RV measurements from ELODIE, SOPHIE, NARVAL, CORALIE and HARPS. For a fraction of these stars, their stability at the 300 m/s level during the Gaia mission has still to be assessed. The current follow-up programme on SOPHIE and CORALIE will be presented.