14 juin - 17 juin 2016


S05 R��union des utilisateurs des t��lescopes fran��ais (TBL/OHP193)

Bcool large program : Dynamo processes and magnetic cycles in solar-type stars

P. Petit, S.V. Jeffers, S.C. Marsden, J. Morin, A. Vidotto

Initiated in 2007, the BCool project at TBL is a long-term observing program dedicated to the investigation of dynamo processes and magnetic cycles in cool stars. Three science objectives underly this observing project, with (i) the regular monitoring of a sample of 13 stars, aimed at studying

the long-term evolution of their magnetic topologies and surface differential rotation ; (ii) the contribution to a NARVAL Legacy snapshot survey of solar-type stars brighter than mV=7.5 and (iii) the investigation of stellar winds and their interaction with planetary magnetospheres.

I will review the main achievements of the BCool project and propose new directions to be explored in a prolongation of this observing effort beyond 2016.