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Electronic poster submission

First Step : indentification.

In 3 simple steps, this web page will allow you to upload your poster. Please note:
- You must have submitted an abstract for a poster on the conference web site (or a manager must have moved your contribution to a poster).
- During the first step, you must identify with the same email/password used during registration. If you have forgotten or lost your password please click here.
- In a second step, you will select the contribution for which you want to submit a file
- In a third step, you will select a pdf file on your computer to upload it to our system
- A final message will give you the result of the upload.

We recommend a simple pdf file with 2 to 3 slides, designed to be seen on a laptop screen. The size should be smaller than 5 Mo. The system will accept only .pdf files.

- On the meeting web site, in the program of your session.
- On the USB drive given to the participants (provided you submitted your file before June 3rd).
- A prize for the best poster will be distributed at the end of the meeting.

If you encounter any problem, we are very sorry. If you have read the instructions down to this line, congratulations. Feel free to share your problem with the

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