4 juillet - 7 juillet 2017


L'impact multi-disciplinaire de la mission GAIA (multi-disciplinary impact of GAIA)

The Gaia mission has recently delivered its first catalogue and it is already being used extensively. The French community has been very implicated through several national programs (PN). This workshop, organised by 5 PNs (GRAM, PCMI, PNCG, PNP, PNPS), is an ideal opportunity to discuss the communities' expectations and to examine the ways in which they can prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Buts de Gaia

Organisers: Douglas Marshall (CEA - Univ. Paris-Diderot), Patrick Charlot (Obs. Bordeaux), Vanessa Hill (OCA), Rosine Lallement (GEPI), Yveline Lebreton (LESIA), Julien Montillaud (UTINAM), Céline Reylé(UTINAM), Annie Robin(UTINAM) et Paolo Tanga (Obs. Nice)

Invited speakers: