3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


S12 Synergie des grands surveys pour comprendre les étoiles : piliers de l’archéologie galactique

Asteroseismology as a tool for astrophysics: from to the deep interiors of stars to the evolution of the Milky Way

Andrea Miglio

In the last decade the study and interpretation of global oscillations in stars has undergone a dramatic development thanks to the advent of space-based telescopes such as CoRoT and Kepler. I this review I will emphasise the wider significance of asteroseismology as a tool for testing stellar physics, with examples on how seismic predictions and inferences on stellar properties (in particular ages) depend on our (often poor) knowledge of the relevant physics. Finally, I will present recent results and future prospects for high-temporal-resolution studies of the Milky Way, also in the light of future ambitious space missions such as NASA-TESS and ESA-Plato.