3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


Registration and modification


Registration deadline

To facilitate the organisation of the Journées 2018, it is important you register before June 3rd, even if an on-site registration will be possible.



Online payment is possible and highly recommended. This is done from this form. Payment cards issued abroad are accepted.

Grants for post-doctorants

You are a post-doc and would like a grant to attend the Journées 2018? In that case send an email, before May 21 to the President of SF2A with a copy to the secretary, a letter of "motivation" along with a current CV. Tell us which sessions you would like to attend and how much you need to participate. The format of these documents is free.

Contributions (abstracts)

Warning ! Abstract submission until June 3rd

The submission of a contribution (or two) can be done by filling or modifying the registration form (see the two links given above). Up to two contributions can be submitted. If you want to submit more contributions, please contact the system administrator.

Later on, a "book of abstracts" will be available online (and only online).

The proceedings of the conference give an annual overview of the current state of French astronomy. They will be published in an electronic format in English and made available on the SF2A website. They will be referenced in ADS. The instructions for the authors will be given later.