3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


Les grands sondages spectroscopiques pour la cosmologie


French institutes are involved, both scientifically and technically, in various wide field spectroscopic surveys, with the objectif to precisely measure cosmological parameters. Projects like BOSS, e-BOSS, DESI, EUCLID, as well as PFS, 4MOST, MOONS and MSE are all using galaxies and quasars as tracers to study Baryonic Accoustic Oscilliations (BAO) and Redshift Space Distortions (RSD), usually in combination with weak-lensing measurements. Some of these projects already deliver their first results, while others are at various preparatory stages with a first light foreseen between 2020 and 2030.

The objective of this workshop is to gather, under the auspices of the SF2A annual gathering, scientists involved in the preparation and/or analysis of these various cosmological surveys, as well as future users of these instruments. Some of these surveys have strong complementary aspects, as they will observe large patches of sky with different redshift domains or spectral resolutions. In the overlapping regions it will be possible to combine multiple surveys to better handle systematics. Altogether these various surveys will deliver more than 50 million galaxy and quasar spectra, forming a strong reference dataset in particular for the calibration of photometric redshifts.

Apart from general presentations of the surveys, we call for individual contributions on topics related to cosmology around these various projects.


Johan Richard (chair)

Sandrine Codis

Laurence Tresse

Eric Jullo


Afternoon of July 4th 2018
2:00-2:15pm Claudia Buss : The effect of the cosmic web on global functions
2:15-2:30pm Malgorzata Siudek : Red passive galaxies: when did they form?
2:30-2:45pm Jenny Sorce : From local biases to precision cosmology
2:45-3:05pm Matthew Pieri : Measuring BAO in the intergalactic medium traced by quasar absorption
3:05-3:20pm Eric Jullo : Test gravity with galaxy-galaxy lensing and RSD of VIPERS and BOSS/CMASS galaxy samples
3:20-3:35pm Pauline Zarrouk : BAO and RSD analyses: eBOSS latest results
3:35-3:50pm Sandrine Codis : Beyond the power spectrum with large-deviation theory
3:50-4:00pm Agnieszka Pollo : Automatic classification of sources in large astronomical catalogues
4:00-4:15pm Discussion sur les résultats cosmo actuels
4:15-4:40pm Pause café
4:40-5:00pm Valeria Pettorino : Testing dark energy with future surveys like Euclid
5:00-5:20pm Johan Comparat : Cosmology with large spectroscopic surveys
5:20-5:40pm Laurence Tresse : Grands sondages spectroscopiques avec le Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer
5:40-6:00pm Discussion sur les relevés futurs

e-posters in this session

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