3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


Plasmas de l'Héliosphère (Plasmas of the heliosphere)

Organizing committee

Dimitra Koutroumpa (dimitra.koutroumpa [at] latmos.ipsl.fr), Laurent Lamy (laurent.lamy [at] obspm.fr), Piere-Louis Blelly, Karl-Ludwig Klein


This workshop aims to bring together scientists to discuss recent results of research on the Sun, the solar wind and the space environment of the Earth and other planets, as well as space weather. We invite contributions on all aforementioned topics, in particular young scientists and projects that have received support from the PNST (Programme National Soleil-Terre). Presentations may be in French or English, but authors are encouraged to prepare their support material (slides or poster) in English to facilitate communication with foreign colleagues.


To be completed...

Afternoon of Friday July 6th
2pm-2:20pm Etienne Pariat (I): Dix cycles d’observations solaires
2:20pm-2:40pm Alexis Rouillard (I): L'organisation française pour la recherche applicative en météorologie de l'espace
2:40pm-3:00pm Miho Janvier (I - Prix SF2A Jeune Chercheur): Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections: typical profiles at Mercury, Venus and Earth using multi-spacecraft measurements
3:00pm-3:20pm Milan Maksimovic (présentation donnée par A. Rouillard): De Parker Solar Probe à Solar Orbiter
3:20pm-3:30pm Session Poster
3:30pm-4:00pm Pause Café
4:00pm-4:20pm Philippe Louarn (présentation donnée par M. Blanc): Observations de JUNO dans les régions sources du rayonnement non thermique jovien.
4:20pm-4:40pm Aurélie Marchaudon (I): IPIM modeling of the cause of the ionospheric F2-layer depletion at high-latitude during High Speed Stream event
4:40pm-4:55pm Karl-Ludwig Klein: X-ray and radio counterparts of Fermi long-duration gamma-ray events
4:55pm-5:10pm Arnaud Beth: Ionospheres of comets: solar energy deposition, plasma density profile and plasma loss
5:10pm-5:25pm Michel Blanc: A short description of the Chinese scientific programme and facilities in the field of PNST and of its flagship project: The International Meridian Circle Program (IMCP)
5:25pm-5:40pm General Discussion

e-posters in this session

Koutroumpa Dimitra22 years of SOHO/SWAN observations: Two solar cycles of solar wind flux latitude distributione-poster (click to see)
Briand CarineIonospheric D-layer: disturbances during solar flarese-poster (click to see)
Breuillard Hugo3D ion-scale dynamics of BBFs and their associated emissions in Earth's magnetotail using 3D hybrid simulations and MMS multi-spacecraft observationse-poster (click to see)
Breuillard HugoStudy of Plasma Waves Observed onboard Rosetta in the 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko Comet Environment Using High Time Resolution Density Data Inferred from RPC-MIP and RPC-LAP Cross-calibratione-poster (click to see)
TKACHENKO AnnaThe multi-fluid description of the chromospheric motionse-poster (click to see)
PERRI BarbaraSolar wind modulations during an activity cycle and the influence of equatorial asymmetrye-poster (click to see)