3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


Atelier général du PNPS (PNPS Workshop)


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Afternoon of ...
2pm-2:30pm Speaker: title 1
2:30pm-3:00pm Speaker 2: title 2

e-posters in this session

Gonzalez Jean-françoisBack-reaction of dust on gas in protoplanetary discs: crucial, yet often overlookede-poster (click to see)
Monier RichardThe surface composition of the HgMn star Chi Lupi Ae-poster (click to see)
RAYNAUD RaphaëlSupermodulation of the solar cyclee-poster (click to see)
Cuello NicolasPlanet formation in polar circumbinary discse-poster (click to see)
BAILLIé KévinBuilding the Minimum Mass Solar Nebulae-poster (click to see)
MOLET JordanMolecular complexity in the star forming region W43-MM1e-poster (click to see)
Merle ThibaultCharacterization of SB1 detected in the Gaia-ESO Survey iDR5e-poster (click to see)
AUGUSTSON KyleSeismology of stars hosting nonaxisymmetric magnetic fields e-poster (click to see)
KOU RaphaëlDeep learning determination of stellar fundamental parameterse-poster (click to see)
COLOMBO SalvatoreFlaring activity on the disk of Classical T Tauri Stars: effects on disk stabilitye-poster (click to see)
Mouchet MartineHigh energy flows and fast quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting magnetic white dwarfse-poster (click to see)
Blazere AuroreGaia-ESO survey: Hot stars in Carina Nebulae-poster (click to see)
VALADE aurelienWaves in the radiative zones of rotating magnetized starse-poster (click to see)
BOUTIN-BASILLAIS BaptisteMulti-body figures of equilibrium in axial symmetrye-poster (click to see)
Santerne AlexandreÉtude multi-technique de l'activité stellairefile not uploaded
ROCHER AntoineExotic circumbinary discs: misaligned, polar and anti-aligned systems.e-poster (click to see)
Wellenreiter VandaThe surface abundances of HD87240, member of the young open cluster NGC3114.e-poster (click to see)
LEMONNIER AudricLine synthesis of the UV spectrum of HD72660 and determination of the abundances of several chemical elements.e-poster (click to see)
LOPEZ Théo Étude multi-technique de l'activité stellairee-poster (click to see)