3 juillet - 6 juillet 2018


SF2A Session plénière (plenary session)

Scientific rationale

Plenary sessions are an important part of the Journées de la SF2A. They give an overview of astronomy and astrophysics in France through the invited scientific reviews of the national thematic programs, talks on national scientific planning, and presentations of general interest to the french astrophysics community. They are also a time for discussions about teaching of astronomy and public outreach as well as debate on french science policy and how it fits in the international context. Lastly, the general assembly of the SF2A, one of our major events, is held during the plenary sessions.


A tentative program is presented on the french version of the page (click the french flag at the top!).

e-posters in this session

NELSON GeorgeDiscovery of the first quadruple gravitationally lensed quasar candidate with Pan-STARRSfile not uploaded
SCHNEIDER NicolaThe GENESIS projecte-poster (click to see)
Vauglin IsabelleIntéresser les filles aux sciences!e-poster (click to see)