14-17 mai 2019


Sp��cificit�� et g��n��ricit�� de notre Syst��me Solaire dans un contexte astrobiologique (SFE)

e-posters in this session

Bendjoya PhilippeIs there Life on Earth ?file not uploaded
PESQUEIRA AlbaLoss of Io’s early massive atmosphere from extreme-ultraviolet heating: implications for a putative primordial oceanfile not uploaded
DELCAMP SimonStudy of Enceladus’ ocean composition in regard to last Cassini measurementsfile not uploaded
ANDERSON SarahThe role of ice lines in the composition of Saturn's moonsfile not uploaded
LEVESQUE MaëvaImplementation of high-pressure phases of water ice in the Marseille Super-Earth interior modelfile not uploaded
NAAR JosephWater content of close-in ocean exoplanetsfile not uploaded
BOUQUET AlexisThe role of clathrate trapping in the composition of Europa’s oceanfile not uploaded
NEHME CyrineDetecting phase curve in K2 Datafile not uploaded
PEPINO RaphaëlThe asymmetry of lifefile not uploaded
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