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Message No 305 - 4/06/07

Message SF2A No 305 - 4/06/07

1. Atelier ARENA - CEA - Juin 2007
2. The 11th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2007 - 16-17-18 August 2007
3. Hellenic Astronomical Society Newsletter
4. Communiques de presse XMM-Newton

1.Atelier ARENA - CEA - Juin 2007
Derniere annonce

Atelier Astronomie Submillimetrique en Antarctique - une grande antenne submm a Dome C ? Date : 25-26-27 juin Lieu : INSTN CEA Saclay (91) Inscriptions (sans frais) ici< br/> Contact

Transmis par Vincent Minier

2. The 11th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2007 - 16-17-18 August 2007
The 11th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2007 : Dark Matter, Dark Energy, CMB and LSS : Understanding the Physics of the Universe

16 -17-18 August 2007, Observatoire de Paris HQ, Paris campus

The Colloquium is within the astrofundamental physics spirit of the Chalonge School, this time focalized on recent observational and theoretical progress on dark matter, dark energy, including neutrinos and sterile neutrinos, CMB data and the theory of the early universe with predictive power. The topics are : Observational and theoretical progress in deciphering the nature of dark matter and dark energy . CMB and Large scale structure formation. Inflation after WMAP (in connection with the CMB and LSS data), quadrupole suppression and initial conditions ; quantum effects. CMB polarization, primordial magnetic fields effects. Neutrinos in cosmology. In summary, the aim of the meeting is to put together real cosmological data and hard theory predictive approach connected to them. An exhibition will retrace the 15 years of activity of the Chalonge School and of George Smoot participation to the School along these 15 years.

All informations about the Meeting, including the general timing and the Programme and Lecturers of the Colloquium and registration information are displayed at the chalonge school web site

Transmis par Chalonge.Ecole@obspm.fr

3. Hellenic Astronomical Society Newsletter
As part of the recent changes in the webpages and services offered by the Hellenic Astronomical Socity the newsletter of Hel.A.S. is now beeing distributed in HTML format. We hope that you will find this format more useful and aesthetically appealing. If your address is listed correctly in the online directory of Hel.A.S., available here then you must have already received the June 2007 issue in your mailbox.

The latest issue is also available here

Transmis par Vassilis Charmandaris (Secretary of Hel.A.S.)

4.Communiques de presse XMM-Newton
L’Agence Spatiale Europeenne et le journal Astronomy & Astrophysics ont emis des communiques de presse conjoints dans le cadre de la sortie d’une edition speciale de A&A contenant 15 publications portant sur les observations dans les rayons X du nuage moleculaire du Taureau avec le satellite europeen XMM-Newton. Les deux communiques de presse sont disponibles en cliquant sur les liens suivants : aanda et esa

Transmis par Marc Audard


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