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Messages SF2A No 871 - 20/01/20

Message SF2A No 871 - 20/01/20

1. Lettre à l’UAI sur le réchauffement climatique
2. Appel d’Offre 2020 de l’ASOV
3. Call for International ISSI Teams proposals
4. EWASS Special Session SS07 on Clumpy environment around accreting compact objects
5. Cosmological Analyses Featuring galactic Foreground Emission, Lattes, 11-15 May 2020
6. BlueMUSE Science Workshop - Mar 30-Apr 01 in Lyon, France

1. Lettre à l’UAI sur le réchauffement climatique

La communauté astronomique française s’inquiète du réchauffement climatique et de l’impact de nos activités sur ce réchauffement. Nous identifions comme nombre d’autres acteurs dans le monde la multiplication inutile et dispersée aux quatre coins du monde de conférences à un rythme bien plus rapide que ne l’exigerait l’avancée de nos travaux. Pour infléchir cette tendance et commencer à réfléchir à l’impact des instruments (grands télescopes, supercalculateurs) sur la production des gaz à effet de serre, nous proposons d’interpeller l’UAI via sa présidente Ewine van Dishoek pour que des recommandations soient rapidement mises en place et que l’UAI montre l’exemple et incite les Sociétés nationales à en faire autant.

Une lettre a été préparée et est lisible sur le site http://aramis.obspm.fr/~pagani/Lett...

Toute personne désirant signer cette lettre peut renvoyer un mail à laurent.pagani@obspm.fr lui signifiant son accord, sa position (astronome, professeur etc...) et son affectation.

Le Conseil de la SF2A

2. Appel d’Offre 2020 de l’ASOV

L’Action Spécifique Observatoires Virtuels France se propose de soutenir, dans la mesure de ses possibilités financières, plusieurs types d’actions en 2020.

Vous pouvez retrouver les informations sur l’appel d’offre ici :

Date Limite : 2 février 2020

Transmis par Franck Le Petit

3. Call for International ISSI Teams proposals

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern, Switzerland, and ISSI-BJ in Beijing, China, invite proposals for establishing International Teams to conduct on its premises research activities in Space Sciences, based on the interdisciplinary analysis and evaluation of data from spacecraft and possible integration with ground data and theoretical models. For the purpose of this Call, Space Sciences include the Solar and Heliospheric Physics, Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Plasma and Magnetospheric Physics, Planetary Sciences, Astrobiology, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Fundamental Physics in Space, and Earth Sciences using Space data.

Letter of Intent : February 13, 2020

Deadline for proposals : March 25, 2020

The Call for International Teams proposal is available on the ISSI web site : 

Transmis par Corinne Charbonnel

4. EWASS Special Session SS07 on Clumpy environment around accreting compact objects

We are pleased to announce the special session SS07 "Clumpy environment around accreting compact objects : from stellar-mass accretors to AGNs“ which will take place in Leiden on July 1st 2020 as part of the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting, formerly known as EWASS :


With this session, we want to offer an overview of the recent developments on the observation and modeling of accreting compact objects surrounded by an inhomogeneous, or “clumpy”, environment. In high-mass X-ray binaries, the orbiting accretor is embedded in the clumpy radiation-driven wind from the hot donor star. Around AGNs, obscurers in the torus and other outer regions absorb and scatter the light from the innermost regions. This session intends to foster new collaborations which will jointly address the question of the accretion flow properties and of the radiation propagation in the structured multiphase medium of X-ray binaries and AGNs.

Abstracts should be submitted before March 2nd via the following link :


Very early bird registration is possible until February 10th. 

Ileyk El Mellah & Victoria Grinberg, co-chairs

Transmis par Ileyk El Mellah

5. Cosmological Analyses Featuring galactic Foreground Emission, Lattes, 11-15 May 2020

We are inviting you to register and submit an abstract to CAFFE LATTES «  Cosmological Analyses Featuring galactic Foreground Emission »


to be held in Lattes (near Montpellier) from Monday the 11th to Friday the 15th of May 2020.


The meeting aims at bringing together cosmology, astrophysics of Galactic and extragalactic foregrounds and statistical data analysis for cross-fertilization. We encourage scientists from these three fields to submit abstracts. The three themes will be equally represented in the selection of contributed talks.

If you do not already have an account on http://sciencesconf.org/, you will first need to create one by selecting « Create Account » on the arrow situated on the blue « Login button » at the top right of the web page.

We look forward to seeing you at the CAFFE LATTES conference.

Vincent Guillet and Francois Boulanger on behalf of the SOC

6. BlueMUSE Science Workshop - Mar 30-Apr 01 in Lyon, France 

[First announcement]

We welcome the participation of the astronomical community to the BlueMUSE science workshop, which will happen between March 30th and April 1st in Lyon, France



BlueMUSE (https://bluemuse.univ-lyon1.fr) is one of the instrument concepts presented at the VLT2030 workshop (https://www.eso.org/sci/meetings/20...), for which ESO is requesting white papers in its long-term implementation plan.

It is an optical seeing-limited, blue-optimised, medium spectral resolution, panoramic integral-field-spectrograph, to be installed on one of the telescopes of the VLT on Cerro Paranal (Chile). 

The workshop program will include a few overview and invited talks but the large majority will be dedicated to individual contributions and scientific discussions.

The topics we aim to cover are the following :

- Solar system 
- Galactic (including stars and ISM)
- Nearby galaxies 
- Distant galaxies and cosmology

Discussions on synergies with current and future facilitie

We are looking forward to see you in Lyon !

The SOC and the LOC

Transmis par Johan Richard


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